Unorthodox Methods

Hi, there. I’m an avid reader of the articles. The one from Al Kavadlo whom I follow since the end of 2011 about the dragon flag got me hooked.

I recently turned 43 and I’ve been lifting for two decades plus. My favor however was always biking, running, swimming. A few years ago I completely got fed up with gyms and quit. Did only cycling then. Lost mass as a consequence, didn’ t miss it in the saddle.

Made my diploma, sat a lot, stuffed cheese in my face, chocolate and bread. Regained my old mass - not muscle this time.
Re-introduced lifting, got knee issues, decided to significantly drop weight.
Good news, knee issues are muscle knots - what the hell?

Anyway, running is still fun, working on form now, skipping lon runs atm.
Long story short, I dropped from 85 kg to 67 and recently regained 2 kg active mass, because I stuffed myself with lots of cottage cheese, quark, avocados, nuts, etc. Yeah, pretty healthy here. Long term goal is 75 kg on my 1.83 m frame.

I’m staying this lean for my third year now and I’m pretty happy with it.

I keep a log at a german bodybuilding forum, where I get the raised eybrow for my unorthodox methods. Hey, I’m working out wherever and whenever I can, alone, it hast to be fun, no gym trot. Goals: mobility, body control, long distance runs - again.

Anyhow. My current schedule is as follows:

Monday, whole body routine: Hill runs, Trifecta, Core Crusher

Thuesday: Grip training, Qi Gong

Wednesday: Recovery run, carrying heavy things, Kettlebell exercises

Thursday, Pylometric training: Rope skipping, step ups, aussie pullups, pylo push ups, Core Crusher

Friday, fun day or shoulders

Saturday, running drills

Sunday, have fun

I keep this regime for four weeks, then I switch to two deload weeks with a conventional push, pull, shoulders, legs split, working on proper form.


Welcome. So I assume your goal is to stay lean and healthy?

[quote]Derek542 wrote:
Welcome. So I assume your goal is to stay lean and healthy? [/quote]
In brief a clear yes to that. Btw. Trail running and Trifecta today, core crusher is to follow.

Well good luck with your goals.

Ok, so today it was:

Morning mobility gymnastics
Foam rolling

Vitaparcours walk and exercises - a trail with bars, rings, etc. You’re supposed to walk/ run it and do the exercises. Pullups, push ups, dips knee lifts, planks,etc you get the picture, was a nice starter.

24 min trail running, since no hills nearby for hill training, was a nice alternative and I had a pretty nice flight on the trail.

Trifecta, starting with 6 reps and finishing at 12, then back to 6: Squats,Elevated Push ups, Aussie Pull ups. In total 94 reps each

2 x Core Crusher

Day ender: 30 mins on my roady on the terrace on the roll
Getting in a bit foam rolling now and a hot bath

Was a nice variation in training today, trying to log in a few swimming metres tomorrow morning.

Anyting exotic in here?

Morning mobility gymnastics
1 k swim
Foam rolling
60 min walking
Grip strength training
30 min bike

Getting a firm grip nicely

Forgot, 5 x 6 wide Pullups, big grip.


20 min Walk

Kettlebell warmup

Walks: Waiter/ Suitcase/ Farmer
Sled Pushing
Frog Pushups

19 min recovery run (1min faster)
30 min bike


2012-07-12: Pylometrics


70 min walk

5 min rope skipping
5 min Stepups
5 x Pylo Aussie Pullups, Pylo Pushups alternating in one set (60 sec./60 sec. rest)
5 x Ball rolling in pushup position (60 sec./60 sec. rest)

3 x Core Crusher

60 min bike
Foam rolling

2012-07-13 friday: shoulders, Bizeps


Boxing, arm swings, Rotator Scarecrow
Lateral raises: 10 x 3kg/ 7x/ 5x
Shoulder press: 8 x 3 kg/ 6x/ 6x
Frontlifts: 3 x 3 kg/ 3x/ 3x
Swimmers: 6 x 3 kg/ 6x/ 6x
Traps: 10 x 4 kg/ 10x/ 10x
Fly: 10 x 3 kg/ 11x/ 10x
Lat-rows: 8 x 8 kg/ 10x/ 10x
C-Curl: 6 x 8 kg/ 6x/ 6x

55 min walk
3 x leg raises

I’m sore from wednesdays walking session

2012-07-14 saturday: Regeneration

Gymnastics - still sore

Biking with daughter
40 min Walk
30 min Bike

Tai Qi Gong instead of running drills

2012-07-15 Sunday Regeneration

60 min Bike
Foam Rolling
Tai Qi Gong

starting deload next monday

here the workout from Thursday that left me toasted

2012-07-16 monday, starting deload week with light chest and triceps exercises.


Single arm triceps with 4 kg kettlebell
Knee pushups
Fly with 5 kg in superset with
Chest press

Focusing on technique and form

94 min bike ride
14 min hill runs
20 min walk

Kettlebell crunches
Alternating with
Back bridges

The cold wind on the bike today gave me an immense headache, note to myself: always carry your buff with you.

2012-07-17 Thuesday: BBP


Long hike with daughter

5 min Kettlebell spin (8 kg) 12 kg
5 min Kettlebell Swing/ Snatch 4 kg
(like in the Video)
2 min Fig. 8 with 4 kg

3 x
Fusschaukel (???) alternating with
bear crawl

Monologue is getting a bit boring :slight_smile:

2012-07-18 Mittwoch: Lat/ Bizeps

Foam rolling

45 min walk

Pullups wide, thick grip: 8/8/6
~“~ narrow, ~”~: 4/4/4

5 min K-Bell spin (8 kg) 12 kg

Lat-row (K-Bell): 10 x 12 kg, 8 x 16 kg, 6 x 20 kg, 6 x 12 kg, 8 x 8 kg
C-Curl: 6 x 8 kg, 4 x 12 kg, 4 x 12 kg, 6 x 8 kg
Hammer Curl 4 kg K-Bell: 3/3/3

22 min trail run

K-Bell Crunch 4 kg/ bicycles: (13/12) (7/12) (11/12)
Bridge: 10/10/10

Foam rolling

Foam rolling improves well being and performance, flew on the trail.

2012-07-19 Thursday: BBP

foam rolling

1 k swim
20 min walk

5 min Step-Ups
Poor man’s leg curls: 6/6/6
Squat: 8/8/8
Walkouts: 10/10/10
Leg raises: 10/10/10
Renegade rows: 6/6/6

30 min bike

2012-07-20 Friday: shoulders


5 min K-Bell-spin (8 kg) 12 kg
LAteral raises 4 kg K-Bell: 7/7/7/7
Clean & Press 4 kg K-Bell: 6/6/8/7
Front raises 4 kg K-Bell: 4/5/5/5
Traps 8 kg: 6/6/7/7
Fly/ Swimmers 4 kg K-Bell: (6/5) (7/6) (8/7) (6/6)
4 x Frog/ Crow Stand
3 x 8kg/ 4 kg K-Bell-Crunch (Drop Sets) alternating with bicyces
3 x 10 x bridge

60 min bike

2012-07-21 Saturday: Regeneration

Foam Rolling

80 min walk
22 Trail Running

Foam Rolling

2012-07-22 sunday: Regeneration

40 min Bike

much work around the house

2012-07-23 monday: (again) chest/ Trizeps

Foam Rolling

5 min K-Bell-spin (8 kg) 12 kg
Trizeps with both hands and Kettlebell: 6 x 8 kg, 7 x 8 kg, 5 x 12 kg, 5 x 12 kg, 4 x 8 kg
Dips: 10/ 6 x + 4 kg/ ~“~/ 6
Pushups with grip/ stand: 6/6/6
Butterfly and chest press with 9 kg Dumbbells - Superset: (6/4), ~”~, ~"~
K-Bell Floor Press 4 kg: 4/4/4
Finishing move, Renegade Rows 4 kg: 2/3

80 min walk.
22 min Trail Running

3 x 8kg/ 4 kg K-Bell-Crunch (Drop Sets) alternating with bicycles
3 x 10 x bridge

Good starter

We’ve gotten an… interesting guy here. I wish you luck, and I also recommend a very heavy 100+ pound weight vest. Added weight is a valuable tool in body weight exercises/conditioning in my opinion.