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Unofficial NHL PLayoff Thread


It doesn't get mentioned here much, but maybe there are more fans than I think.

I expect them to be tougher at home, but my boys are lookin hungry this year. Not spending 8 1/2 of the first 10 minutes in the box might be a something for the Flames to try as well. We have some cannons on the blueline and that sticky booger Holmstrom crowding Kippers crease like he does as well.

Iginla may want to actually come to this game, if Calgary is gonna have a prayer though Lidstrom has him figured out. You lose this one and I like our chances to take at least 1 of the next 4.

Let's Go Red Wings!!!!!!!!!!


The Wings really stepped up their game at the end of the regular season, and I'm thrilled to see Hasek bringing his A-game to the play offs. Can't wait for game 3 to start in just a few minutes. :slight_smile:


Yeah, nice to see Hasek playing well as I'm a fan of the red wings, but since i'm a bigger fan and from Ottawa, it's a year late!.....I'm all for the NHL players in the olympics, that is of course unless they are 40+ year old goalies that are supposed to help us through the playoffs, hah.

Anyways, Emery's doin just fine, no worries about that at all, and just one more win and that "Crys"by kid will be able to go back to his crib and get lots of rest over the summer.

Couldn't believe that Red Wings/Flames game though, kept flipping to it every few minutes and couldn't figure out how the Flames were always shorthanded.


OH Indeed!!! I must confess, as good as the Wings have been thus far I am a bit trepidacious for this one. Calgary has been brutal at home this year and I fear they may regain consciousness at the saddledome.

On the other hand this is playoff hockey and trends have a habit of not continuing once there.

Yes, Hasek has been good all year and when needed so far in the post season. He has to be the most competitive bastard still extant. He is one of the very few professional athletes who will take less money, a lot less, to be somewhere he thinks he can win.

We shall soon see if the winged wheel will roll into Calgary like it rolled out of Detroit.


Yeah, Pittsburgh fought hard at the end, but I think they're done. It may be Ottawa's "turn" to go deep with all the PO troubles they've had in recent years.


The Sens appear to be playing well... have to see if they can fare better than usual this playoff season.


They've had a couple of good series, but seem to lose steam and meltdown in the semis. Remember how great Lalime was a few years ago? Boy did he take a dive.


Rangers 07' Stanley Cup Champs


Blah blah blah... I can't hear you.

Yeah, I'm used to the big fade out and am hoping for better this time around.


I wasn't pickin on your team man. My guys have been markedly unspectacular in the post season the last few years too.


lets go rangers


They definitely manhandled Atlanta tonight. I'll always love have a special place in my heart for Shanahan.. until the finals.


Since my team is out of the playoffs (I still can't believe it...), I will say that I want the Islanders to win for Nolan, the Devils to lose for Julien (what the hell kind of a retarded and selfish move was that??) and wish for the rangers to practice their golf technique asap, Frenchy no liky Avery.

And overall, I picked Anaheim to win the cup. Why? I don't know, I've always liked Anaheim since the movies :slight_smile:

Next year we're definitely in for the cup hehehe. Watch out for a huge riot in the streets of Montreal...


Yeah it really surprised me to see that in a playoff game...




Bruins all the way!!!!

On a more serious note, Im rooting for Sydney and the Pens now. Its not looking so good though.


You called it, man. Calgary came to life at home and finally played some hockey.

You know, it pisses me off. The reason I took a shine to Calgary was the cup just before the strike where they hit the ice, played their hearts out, and reminded me of NHL hockey before the big expansion moves. Sure they have their token superstar player, but they didn't have a single weak line.

They were a team from one end to the other, and Iginla, while a fine player, was depended on to carry the rest. They played with heart from beginning to end, and that left me grinning like a kid.

But that team seems to have disappeared. At least one of the goals that took down the Flames in game 2 was because they just weren't trying. There's precious little more irritating than seeing an athlete who makes more in one year than I'll make in my frickin' life just coasting behind the opposition and letting him get away a clear shot.

I'm hoping that the Flames wake up and put in a serious effort.


The games in Motown were just emBarrassing for the Flames so it was good to see them step it up for the fans at home (sea of red, anyone?). Also nice to see Iginla finally net one and be the hero again.

Speaking of stepping it up and emBarrassing, what the hell happened to the Ducks last night? Beauchemin aside, that 3rd period was just horrible.

The big guns all seemed to be firing for the Wild, while the super-D for Anaheim faltered. Hell, even Bryz started to fall apart!

I'll just leave it as a lack of motivation vs. complete desperation, but we'd better see the real Ducks team for game 5.


Wings look good. They've come out this year to play, and not just take up space in the play-offs like last year. Hasek will show that even an old timer can win a Stanley Cup, and the Detroiat fans will once again embrace The Dominator.


Yeah, we saw a swing both ways last night, however the Flames did exactly what I figured they would, but hoped they wouldn't do. A very, VERY rare Lidstrom flub results in the game winner. Kinda figures.

So I'm gathering that Mr. Barr is anti Detroit and rooting for the Ducks? Not that you would be alone in being anti Wings or that I would like you any less, but curious. Didn't even know you were a puckhead. For me, hockey is IT. I don't dislike other sports, but there's not even a close second in my book.