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(Unofficial)Film of the Year

Stole this from pushharder.
“Apocalypto”- For general bad-assedness
“Crank”- It’s Jason Statham playing a hitman getting revenge
“Beerfest”- Its got beer, its got breasts, it has a training montage (for beer drinking)
Any other nominees?

“The Departed” - For great action, humor, and surprise ending.

“V For Vendetta”- A rebel taking down a goverment that got too big for its britches

“Casino Royale”- I’m assuming this was an automatic entry since it’s a Bond film.

The Departed

Casino Royale

Little Miss Sunshine…by a long ways!

Other noteables(besides already stated):

Superman Returns
The Descent
Talledega Nights
Miami Vice

Second Miami Vice. One of the best action cop-drama movies I’ve seen in a long time.

Casino Royale was great as well. The scene with Sebastian Foucan was ridiculous in a very good way.

The Miami Vice flick and Beerfest were really that good? Im going to have to check those out.

[quote]trailrash wrote:
The Miami Vice flick and Beerfest were really that good? Im going to have to check those out.[/quote]

I loved Miami Vice. I would have changed the script a bit regarding the falling in love aspect. The directors cut added some nice material to it, except the new beginning which I don’t like. The beginning was perfect the way it was.

It’s going to end up being Rocky Balboa and you know it.

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What about Borat for comedy of the year?

Miami Wice was a damn good movie, alot better than I had expected. I haven’t seen Borat yet. I included Beerfest because it is about the manly pursuit of drinking beer, and it is bodybuilding related on a technicality, as Gunter Schlierkamp is one of the actors, plus its got the big dude from Gladiator. and yes, it rivals Supertroopers, much better than Club Dread.