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Unnecessary Quoting!


I have been seeing this a lot lately.

Someone writes a fairly long post, lets say, 40 lines. The first person to reply quotes the entire original post and then reply's with 2 lines.

I can understand why people might do this when a post is on its 2nd or 30th page, but certainly not on the first reply.


Good points.


What he said.


Does it really bother you that much?


What do you mean?


Like this


How did I know this would happen?

No, I'm not losing sleep over it, just thought I would bring it up.


What Prof. X said.


Could you be a little clearer? (JK) I am guilty and will work to amend this action.


Yeah, it's really annoying.

Even some of the mods have edited posts and changed the full quote to something like:

"On what Professor X said..."

But yeah! What's the reason for replying to the whole damn message? At least pick out the important parts to quote and respond to them. I hate long posts!


Interesting theory, tell us more...


I think thats what he may be talking about. I'm not sure though. Tell me what you think!




I agree.


Well I think he gets mad at someone quoting the first post a few pages down. Well we're still on the first page here so this is probably ok.


I'm anxiously awaiting the theory myself.




What michael2507 said.


What is it boy? Trouble at the old mill?

Is there a threshold?

This is an issue.