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Unnecessary NY State Bill Pending

New York Action Alert on S.B. 938
We need your help to stop new legislation in New York that wrongly targets safe, effective and affordable supplements

There is an unnecessary bill pending in the New York State legislature that would result in higher costs and lower availability for dietary supplements. Because dietary supplements are already well-regulated by the federal government, Senate Bill 938 would at best duplicate federal law and at worst, needlessly burden businesses in the state by creating an unwarranted double standard.

New York residents like you will bear the financial brunt of this bill: First through your tax dollars to establish the redundant regulatory system and then at the cash register as the higher cost of doing business in New York is passed on to you.

Tell your senators in the New York legislature to oppose Senate Bill 938, which unfairly targets dietary supplements. Take action now!

Click here for more information and to send a free email to tell them to oppose S.B. 938.

For more information on this issue and bill, click here (pdf).

For the full page and info on how to stop this please click the following link: http://capwiz.com/nnfa/issues/alert/?alertid=9737931&type=ST?AFID=11&SAFID=6248&sc=6248&edid=D4WJWU-TPR3VW-LQE7H-8A2BJ

New York…

Can you even use those words together in a sentence? Shouldn’t it be illegal? We better make a law.