Unmarked Gear Use

I’ve spent 4 years natural and finally decided to try gear. I researched and found the most reliable source I could. The test was packaged correctly and appears fine. The PCT consisted of 30 loose, unmarked, dark yellow tablets.
Sold as Arimadex. These have no FDA marking or numbers. Am I being too paranoid about taking unmarked gear?

Is your gear from a pharmacy or you got it also from the same place. It’s not too late to be paranoid, but if you bought stuff over the Internet it was probably mixed up in someone’s living room, no matter what the label says. Who knows what you’re going to get. All you can go on is if you trust the reviews about the seller.

What’s the worst that could happen…
Keep in mind I’ve never bought stuff like this over the internet.

Arimadex is not a PCT drug. Wtf did you research?


The Test and PCT came from the same source. All was marked and marketed by a known lab (manufacturer). The packaging and delivery were questionable on just the tablets.
I’ve been researching since delivery and it looks like… I was delivered junk (multivitamin tablets). Now I’m questioning the test as well. (even though its packaging looks legit)

That’s not what I meant. Please search first cycle threads before you hurt yourself.


What they are saying isnt focused on your “gear” or the “pct.” You have in your hand, arimidex(or not.) Either way, that’s not for pct. Post cycle therapy guidelines can be found all over this forum site and anywhere else.

You like so many of us (even ones that refuse to believe it because their shit says phizer) have purchased your gear from what is called an UGL aka UnderGround Lab.

Orally ingested compounds from an UGL may come as pressed tablets, capsules or liquid solutions. There might be a data base out there that catalogs what each UGLs tablets/capsules look like but chances are only the big ones will be on the database. Keep in mind every batch the tablet color may change, even the shape may vary from batch to batch.

You will have a better chance finding the UGL on a source review sight but that will only have people saying stuff like “yeah the gear was legit because I gained 10lbs.”

All of this just comes with the territory of black market goods and services. As I sort of commented on earlier, even most of the name brand human grade stuff we find online is actually just UGL knock offs. It doesn’t mean the test inside of a fake Watson Testosterone cypionate bottle isn’t test it just means it isn’t actually made by Watson.

You can try to find those source review sights but only real current ones would be worth a look because even if the lab got good reviews last year that means someone this year might be faking that UGL and yes there is actually rampid fake UGL stuff.