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Unmarked Dbol Tabs


I bought 4 weeks of Dianabol from a friend recently who claims the tabs are 25 mgs a piece, but other than taking his word, I have no way of telling. The test he sold me is certainly good gear, but I'm not sure if the dbol tabs are actually 25 mgs each. There is no marking on the pill indicating how much is in each one individually.

Here's what I have: Very small, pentagon-shaped, pink tabs. So if anyone with a bit of experience with anabolics can help me out, that would be great.

The cycle so far seems to be going fine, but the side effects(good and bad) from the Dbol don't seem to be happening. I'm taking two a day, which should be 50 mgs, but there seems to be no effect from that. I'm putting in 500 mgs of test prop a week with EOD injections. I know the test is good and is definitely working, but I can't help but think I've been lied to about the dbol.



Pink pentagon Dbol are likely 5mg. Can't say for sure but if you google "pink thai dbol" you'll likely find pictures similar to what you have.