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Unloading Week??

should there be an unloading week the 4th week of 8 weeks to a record bench?


should i go for a higher reps for 4 weeks after because of the high intensity of the program?

So I was thinking on the fourth week of the program to cut the volume in half for my unloading week. and follow it up with a hypertrophy block. Then after those 4 weeks finish up with the bench program.

any answers would be appretiated


oh yeah, you will need a break after 3 weeks of that program. Do 3 more weeks of that, and a then a 1-2 week taper, and you will hit a big bench.


i just finished the 3rd week of the program

so to cut the volume and intensity for week 4 these are my thought:

Sunday (2 mini cycles instead of 3)

mini cycle 1

Extended cluster(lighter weights)

Close Grip Decline 4 sets instead of 5 (lower weights)

mini cycle 2

Drop set cluster 3 sets (lighter)

dumbell shoulder press 4 sets instead of 5 (lighter)


Partial pin press 3 sets instead of 6 lighter

speed bench 6 sets instead of 8

pull ups 3 sets instead of 5

curls 3 sets instead of 5 lighter

row to neck 2 sets instead of 3 lighter


max eccentrics 2 sets instead of 4 lighter

partial pin press 3 sets instead of 6 lighter

barbell squats 4 sets instead of 5 lighter

leg curl 3 sets instead of 5 lighter

Am i on the right track or am i way off base here??

following this week would i continue the program or go a different way then continue???

any answers would be helpful


come on can someone tell me if im going about this right, cause i got to do it tommorow?!