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Unloading Week?

My program has been neurally dominant for the last 9 weeks. Week 1-3: 5x5; Week 4-6: 6x2-4; Week 7-9: 5-1-5-1-5-1. I had planned on continuing with a 5-4-3-2-1 for weeks 10-12 but I feel I am hitting a wall and need to give my body a break with some lower intensity work. I have been focusing my exercises around benches, squats, DL’s, overhead presses, chins, etc. and all of their respective variations. Anyone have any suggestions or insights as to what I should do for the next 3-4 weeks? Continue as planned, decrease intensity? Thanks!

Poliquin recommends 2x6-8 to absolute failure for weeks 7-9 followed by 54321 in weeks 10-12.

Depends on how you define “hitting a wall.” If you mean your performance is dropping off, then switch; if your performance is fine but you’re mentally fatigued, I’d say push on through with your original design.