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Unlikely Meats


Friend of mine got back from China and Thailand where he was sourcing reptiles for a pet importers and reported that Donkey Meat was available at some places. Gives a new take to the phrase, Ass to Mouth. Can't find much about it on Google, except 1. It might be a delicacy and 2. It might only be available for animal feeds. Anyone know is this is common in the Staple diet anywhere ?

Most exotic thing I've eaten is Beef. Never ventured to Croc, Ostrich etc, but Donkey meat ????


Yeah what about the dog and rats I recall are eaten in China? Normal to them, odd to me. But whatever I guess....

If you wanna check out some odd protein sources, watch Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Mmmm...monkey brains.... Are those for real? I know the insects were because many countries around the world eat them. And despite what people would think, insects are often have a high source of protein and are more sanitary than other protein sources (oyster, lobsters, seafood, etc).


Every summer here in detroit they have a big taste fest, which is a bunch of local and out of town restaurant owners who get together and sell samples of entrees.

My favorite unlikely meat is spicy alligator. Not sure on the nutrient content of it, but it has to be the best tasting thing outside of anything not wearing a skirt and heels. If ya ever get a chance to try it, go for it, you won't be dissapointed.


I've had ostrich years ago... my dad brought it home from a restaurant one time, and told my brother and I it was chicken. We ate it, he laughed.


Rabbit weird?
we used to live on it when we were kids on the farm.

Emu, Kangaroo, wallaby, goat, croc, buffalo are some of the more esoteric meats i've eaten (but over here roo was regarded as nothing better than dog meat, until studies confirmed it's very lean status)


Ostrich/emu - makes a good burger
alligator tail - rubbery scallop
bison/buffalo - mmm, steak
bambi/deer - good in chili
squirrel - not a big fan
goat - really good in stews and curries


Yeah right. Good in everything. Ever had a deer steak? Depending on the size of the deer, they can be awfully tasty.


I've had donkey salami. Fucking tasty!



Probably a couple more but I can't rmemeber right now.


Think about what you just said.......

I won't say any more.

Then again I'm partial to mountain oysters if fried correctly.


Shit, I need to get out more. (with the bow)

Ted Nugent ain't got nothing on some of you lot.

Donkey Salami ??????

Alligator ?

Goat ??

Squirrel ??? I got squirrels running about my garden, better set some traps.


This thread might help those struggling to afford enough protein and should me moved to Supplements and Nutrition, heh heh, you'll get people posting they eat, tuna, eggs, squirrel and donkey salami. The neighbours rabbit will become an emergency protein source.


Hot sauce helps makes just about anything taste good. That said, I ain't puttin' no donkey's salami nor any other critter's salami in me. Damn "preverts." :wink:


Aligator, rabbit, squirrel, frog, are staples during hunting season. Deer is a hightly prized meat.


rattlesnake is pretty good, only good fried though.
Gotta love pigs ears too. mmmmm mmmmm good!!!


Pig ears ???? Only seen them at PetSmart and Pets at Home stores. Dogs love 'em.


Raw Horsemeat (not to be recommended)
Raw Turkey & Chicken (tastier than you would think)



Would that be the Rocky Mountain Oysters? As I've heard them called?


Yeah, that would be bull nuts and they are pretty tastey. Actually I like them better than regular oysters. Just don't eat them raw, like regular oysters.
I've had rabbit, turtle, snake, deer, buffalo, pheasant, quail, wild turkey, wild duck, goat, and thats all that I can think of right now.


Some of the more exotic protein I've eaten:

jellyfish - was marinated in some Chinese pepper sauce and scallions. Initial bite feels sorta like biting into cellophane. Very tasty.

beef tendon - see jellyfish. Doesn't have the cellophane "snap" to it though.

raw eel - strange texture but very tasty.

goat - thought it smelled a little off, but really tender with a mellow flavor.

conch - easy to overcook, not much flavor.

grasshoppers - don't remember the flavor since I was a little kid. I just remember wanting to puke.

ants - sort of a sour flavor. Wouldn't mind eating these if I were stranded in the woods.


Venison (deer) - yum yum yum! one of my fave's.

Bison - a bloody staple 'round here.

Reindeer - creme de la creme - I had reindeer carpaccio in Sweden.... drools all over keyboard

Eel - YUM, Unagi!

Ostrich is good, so are quail, but better deep fried so's ya can eat the bones too.

Donkey - fantastic!

Dog - I tried a bite at a dinner in China - it'd make a good stew, very rich and meaty.

Rabbit - the other other other white meat - DELICIOUS!

I also once ate a scorpion soaked in nasty Chinese liquor - YECH, crunchy! 'course, I was drunk, so it didn't matter much.