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Unleashing Franklinstein


see we all have a choice, sit on our asses or pick up the weights. so what you do is your choice . we all have an instinct. to lift its just some people its a bigger drive than others. i know when i lift nothing else matters. im a maschine . its the rush of the push and pumping the iron up and down off our chest or a simple curl, if you feel the pain ,i feel and still keep going.

all you real lifters out there no what im talking about. the pain,sweat and tears dont matter .its about , everything you believe in no matter who said you cant.forget them. we all are warriors in our own minds and we all will go to battle with the weights . Great if , your the type to give up .if it hurts or gets to you .than quit. like they want you to. because i know one thing, bulking machine never goes out with out a fight , anyone with me. i was just told today that i couldnt get loud in a gym.but you think i listen yell no.do you get crazy in the gym. will you let someone tell you ,lower your voices, your to loud,say two words fuck you. i dont go to the gym to stay quiet,i go to be feirce,and a power lifting machine.so you shut the fuck up.

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Right on, man . . . right on.


I think my IQ just dropped a few points...

...good enthusiasm, though.

Seriously, though. Ow. My brain hurts.



Agreed, but I like the idea.


sorry about the spelling but, i stand by what a mean. im a machine and nothing else. we all have some thing in common. we all share the same passion,desire,and natural born instict. train like a machine


'trai like a maschine'...rofl

However, you do have passion. I admire that.


your reply means alot, and its like more than a passion. Its my life.


I clenched my teeth so hard while maxing that my wisdom teeth split in half. Does that count?
(now I use a piece rope for a bite and make believe that I'm a pitbull.Scares the hell out of my girlfriend and the dog though.)


thats the way to do it . you no now what the term unleashing franklinstein means . thats the way to get the job done. any one else have a problem with him breaking his teeth because i dont.that shows me your a machine to . keep it up .sincerally BUKING MACHINE


This is hardcore. This is Animal. Can you handle it?


Damn dude!

You got me all pumped up and shit!

Now I'm like, damn, I want to go tear some shit up man!

I mean, I'm like hypercrazy now!

I'm going to lift weights until I can't lift anymore, or until I fricken pass the frick out!

I don't care what others think or say 'cause they don't know what drives people like us.

I don't care about how I'm going to make it to my car after my workout! I'm leaving it ALL in the gym!

Thanks for the motivation!!!



when i first started to write atricle. I did not know how everyone was going to react.ITS been fuckin great ,it showes that im not the only machine out there. I want to hear from everyone , At least tell the bulking machine what keeps you going.Or how monsterous do you get at the gym.remember its not only the gym. Its the one special place were we all can escape and turn into franklinstein. get loud, get crazy


I don't know whether to cry and raise a fist at the educational system or pick up some heavy shit and throw it around.

You remind me of the Tasmanian Devil. Just don't drool on me.



Who the hell is Franklinstein?


Some days , when I m really in the zone , I lose myself , only to find a stronger self.
Some days , when I ve hit the plateau, my form is off, I hate that f-ing music they're playing ,everyone around is in my way ,then though Im in a small corner of the gym.Im about to call it a day , I dont want to shower ,I dont want to stretch and just want to leave...but I dont ,I just start to lift ,and lift again and again.


Who ARE you? And why are you rehashing the same thing over and over again in a different package? This isn't SNL.


when i was a kid i remember seeing "abbott and cotello meet franklinstein and dracularry"....movie kinda blew, but i watched it with my dad i i still have fond memories.........


How do you breathe?

\|/ 3Toes


there is nothing like hitting a PR, the one that has been eluding you, and when you finally get it WOW, now that's a rush. I was born to train!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


6'1" & 182lbs. Lifting for one month....and it's your life. your enthusiasm is good. after the first six months to year when your gains slow down and your strength plateus if you are still on here making these kind of posts then i'll believe it's your life.