Unlearning Everything Traditional

Saturday, GYM BW 193

10" log-
70 x 10
90 x 10
120 x 10
130 x 10 (I did get stuck on rep 10 and had to do a hang clean, and got it).

135 x 10
155 x few
175 x 10
205 x 26

Sunday 5/7/23

Floor press-
111 x 52 PR
164 x 15 PR

Barbell curls - 60 x 62 PR


Monday 5/8/23

Dead Lifts standard thin bar-
164 x 10 DOH
214 x 21 DOH
252 x 27 DOH except reps 16, 24

I was beat up going into it and worse coming out, I’m happy I got over 25.

maybe some side bends will help-
100# plate x30ea. x19ea.

Rough, but they actually helped.

Tuesday 5/9/23

Feeling rough, beat up.

Floor press-
127 x 35
156 x 18 PR

Barbell curls - 95 x 12

Dumbell side laterals - 17# x 10, 17# x 20

Feeling better!


wednesday 5/10/23

95 x 20
116 x 20
133 x 60 (fastest 60 repper ever with over 120).

I came into these feeling beat up, I told myself I’d just do like 40 but make it quick and maybe I’d do 2-sets of 40. Once I started just repping it, it got easy, but the final 10 were tough. This was a good mindset, to just go in and don’t think about 60. I usually pace myself and it makes mentally rough as it takes longer.

I was pressed for time too, no time to do anything else.

Felt way better.


Thursday 5/11/23

Floor Press-
117 x 46 PR
180 x 8

Barbell Skull Crushers - 82 x 30 PR

Hammer curls- 57.5 +bar x20, 21

Neck curls - 38 x 80


Friday OFF

Saturday 5/13/23

GYM, wasn’t going too push it heavy on squats today, I know when my back is over worked and it feels like it.

10" log
70 x 10
90 x 10
110 x 10
120 x 13

bar x 20
135 x 20
150 x 40

Barbell rows to the neck on Hyperextension, never done this before, experimenting-
used little kid bar - 20+bar x 20, 30+bar x 25, 40+bar x 26

I like it!

I was also pretty happy to test that on a Saturday a.m. with just about no food, some beers the night before, I can hit a somewhat quick 40reps with 150#. Saturday a.m. are not my best high rep squats feeling days.

Sunday 5/14/23

Still gotta keep things easyish.

Floor PRess-
127 x 38 PR

Barbell curls- 65 x 49 (PR)

Still hitting PRs on taking it easy days.


This week, I’ve got some things going on and will not be training on Thursday, I most likely won’t do anything on Friday. This is good because I do need a reason to take some off time, or at least not do anything intensive.

I’m growing and I’m feeling beat up, I think I can feel that I’ll be needing more calories, so I will finally begin to make sure I’m eating more often.

I won’t be squatting until Saturday and that will be my normal wed. routine. I need the break.

Monday 5/15/23

Upper glutes still need recovery, won’t be doing any intense deads today, I did some light sets of 10 between my other exercises today. I’ll revisit Deads tommorrow.

Upright rows- 71+bar x 16

Sit-ups - 120# x 26

neck curls gripping with teeth - 25# x 40, 40.

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Tuesday 5/16/23

Dead Lifts (slowly working back up)-
170 x 11 DOH
220 x10, 10 DOH
255 x 10, 10 DOH

All short rest periods, I could feel my waist line aching if I hyper extended, so I was real careful on the reps. It is a pretty casual session.

I played around with some Barbell BORs to the neck, worked up to 85# for 9 then another 5-6. Just seeing what these can do.

Ran out of time for anything else.

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Wednesday 5/17/23

Floor Press-
127 x 41 PR
177 x 10

Barbell curls - 100 x 11

100# plate BORs x 35 (reset at rep 32)


Well my plans got cancelled today, so looks like I’ll be squatting!

100 x 20
120 x 16
135 x 61

So I went into this day thinking I wasn’t going to do any training and I end up hitting a 60 repper and I used the same mindset of thinking to only do 40-50reps. During the set I was thinking how I was going to quit around 50, but didn’t.

Crazy how the mind changes when the numbness of these squats hits.

I honestly didn’t WANT to squat today, this feeling seems to be the norm. lately, but I know how good it feels when done, plus I keep telling myself, how bad to I want this, because after 20 years of lifting, these squats are the BEST thing I’ve ever done. I’m getting happier and happier on how I look every month, and it’s these squats.


Friday OFF

Saturday - No GYM

Floor press-
114 x 51 (PR)
181 x 9

Barbell curls - 89 x 30 (PR)

Neck curls - 38# x 100 (PR)

PR’s across the board.

Sunday 5/21/23

Dead lifts-
181 x 12 DOH
220 x 15 DOH
256 x 11 DOH, x11 DOH

Still taking it easy on deads, this was another casual workout.


Monday 5/22/23

Just a bad day today, still found time to get one set in-

Floor Press-
128 x 36

Tuesday 5/23/23

Upright rows w/ hammer curl bar-
50+bar x 21
71+bar x 17

100# plates side bends x30ea. x20ea. (100reps total).

Hammer curls - 55+bar x 22, x22

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wednesday 5/24/23

95 x 20
121 x 18
136 x 41

It was bound to happen, today I settled for 40 and call it a day. Why…first it has only been 6-days since my last 60 rep squat. Second, it’s time to ease back on the intensity, both my body and mind need it.

I’ve been here before, months before I even started this journal I had to go back to doing 40-50reps with around 100#, the fact that I’m doing this with 30+ pounds shows me that I’ve progressed.

136 x 40 is something I don’t really even have to think about, that’s the way 100 x 40-50 was a year ago.


Thursday 5/25/23

Now, here’s where I’m gonna talk about “instinctive training”, so I had a feeling only doing 41 reps in the squat was gonna make me feel good today, sure enough, I had no inflammation in my lower back/glute area, which was another reason I didn’t push it yesterday.

SO what do ya think I did…


Floor press-
128 x 37

95 x 20
121 x 16
136 x 50

Barbell curls - 94 x 14

HELL YEAH!!! two days in a row, 40+ reps with over 135!!!

As the Ultimate Warrior said, Instinct beats the science EVERY FUKING TIME!!!


Friday - off

Saturday Gym, BW 192#

70 x 10
90 x 10
110 x 8
130 x 11

hyper extension - barbell rows to neck- 75 x 25, x15

Squats -
135 x 15
155 x 40 (another 40 repper for the week)

standing tricep extensions with chains - 30reps

Sunday - off

Monday 5/29/23

Floor press-
115 x 52
180 x 10

Dead lifts-
180 x 10 DOH
220 x 16 DOH
258 x 12, x12 DOH

Very short rest 2-3 minutes.

Barbell curls - 61.5 x 62


Tuesday 5/30/23

Situps w/ 100# x 37

barbell skull crushers - 83.5 x 28

side laterals - 16#+handles x 26

Wednesday 5/31/23

83.5 x 20
121 x 20
137 x 51

Pretty easy, not bad for squatting 3x last week.