Unlearning Everything Traditional

Wednesday 9/6/23

97 x 112

Full Zercher Squats from the floor-
135 x 5

Overhead presses, nonstop wider grip-
98 x 22

First time ever doing Zerchers, those have been on the bucket list since my strongman days, it was “Rick the Stick” that brought those back into my mind, this time to finally tackle. This is truely a fountain of youth movement. When I was a fatazz over a year ago, I doubt I could even get my elbows under that bar. 135 was very, very easy, and it did stretch me out good, my upper abs cramped up a bit, that’s it for a few seconds.

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Thursday 9/7/23

Gotta a treat here!!!

Floor press-
110 x 60

Here’s the treat and I gotta credit Boogs again! I saw him once doing on the bench with his glutes raised presses, so I gave that a test on floor pressing as a way to get full ROM and hell yeah, it damn sure worked!

Glute raised floor press-
197 x 5

100# plate BOR x 20, 126.5 x 5
That was good, will need to do this like every other day and keep adding weight, I want massive, massive lats now!!!

Barbell curls-
65 x 50

I’m eating RAW garlic every day now, it’s easy now, don’t even think about it, notice I haven’t been talking about feeling old and pains!!! Shit works!



Upright rows hammer bar-
57.5 + bar x 27
86 + bar x 4
88.5 + bar x 2

I forgot to load the 2.5#, hence the extra set.

One arm croc row (brace on my knee)-
58.5 +hammer bar x 11ea side.

Oh I love those using the hammer bar. Going to alter them and 100# plate BORs several days a week.


Gym, BW 188 and thicker.

180 x 20
215 x 12 belt

Farmers Deadlift-
Top set - 250 an arm (500) x 4 belt

I’m Coming back, ready for more!

Shrugs with 55# implements x 45reps

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Sunday 9-10-23

Floor press-
120 x 50

Full zercher squat from floor-
135x 1
140 x 1

100# plate BOR- x21, 127.5 x7

Guys, 4-days in a ROW of back work, putting my method to the test here and as you see, numbers increase!

Sure the weights are lighter but I’m not the biggest strongest already, I’m a middle aged guy who took a long break of having a gains mindset. This defies the cookie cutter fad bb approach which is only geared to people who truly know they are dedicated, most will fail the cookie cutter way even if they want it that bad.

The zerchers were done for loosening up only today before the BORs.

Pre workout was - banana, homemade blueberry ricotta cheese cake, raw garlic clove the size of my thumb and honey.

Post workout is-
Left over rice,sausage,bean concoction, I’m going to add scrambled eggs, more breakfast sausage, left over shrimp, with some wraps.

The wife is so happy, I know how to demolish all the leftovers, something the cookie cutter who still thinks bro science of only eating the protein works LOL!!!


New exercise with hammer curl bar-
one arm curl (center of the horizontal part) and press-
26+bar x 1curl/10presses 1curl/5presses 1-set ea.
50+ bar 2hand clean, x 2 push presses right x3 presses left

my left feels much stronger. I haven’t done one arm presses in many, many years. I used to do one-arm barbell snatches, one arm overhead carries, all that stuff.

Hammer curls-
57.5+bar x25
57.5+bar x25

Barbell skull crushers-
70 x 47

100# plate side bends-
x30ea. x30ea. (120 total).

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tuesday 9/12/23

Barbell Hack Deads-
top set - 240 x 20 DOH, regripped at 11, 19.

Those hack deads are hitting everything and more just like the high rep conventional, except no lower back stress at all.

CROC rows w/ hammer bar-
60+ bar x 12 ea.

Neck curls-
44# x 80 (finally).

Wednesday 9/13/23

106 x 93

One arm cheat curl and presses w/ hammer bar-
36+bar x 5 each (1-cheat curl)
50+bar x 4 each (1-cheat curl, push presses)

That’s a hard lift, way harder than working with dumbells, I think the hardness will be effective.

Barbell curls-
101 x 15

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Thursday 9/14/23

Floor Press-
132 x 40

100# plate BOR-
x23, 128.75 x 8

one arm side laterals-
11# +bar x26ea. x26ea.

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barbell curls-
60 x 65
holy moly was that tough!

141 x 40

Overhead shoulder presses barbell-
103 x 20

CROC rows hammer bar-
60+bar x 13ea.

I’m loving these CROC rows by the day!

Floor press-
111 x 60
Boogs Gorilla Glute floor press-
198 x 6

upright rows-
57.5+bar x 28


So Zappa was a pioneer and inspiration in later heavier music and I would say opened the door for some punk. The early Mothers had some very heavy and fuzzy Bass riffs via Roy Estrada and military percussion which sounds punk rockish and the lyrics are definitely anti-social or basically a parady of social behavior.
Zappa shouldn’t be overlooked for this influence.

Did you know Geezer Butler was one of those influenced by the Mothers, the two bands almost played together but Zappa could not sound check and only introduced Sabbath.

This is one of the best bass lines, and it seems very close to Pantera’s “I’ll Be Alright”-

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Monday 9/18/23

Zercher full squats from floor-
135 x 2
145 x 6

One arm cheat curl and presses with tricep hammer bar-
36+bar x 10ea. (1-cheat curl).

100#plate BORs-
x24, 130 x 9
still increasing, but 24reps on the first set is starting to make the added weight very challenging.

Barbell curls-
102 x 15

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Part 1, ego, let me tell ya, ego isn’t just heavy weights, ego is also people who want perfect form and perfect pace every workout. These types won’t even just go in, dive in just start working in fear they won’t be perfect.

Today was a 40rep dead lift, I normally go in with ego and try to get as many reps without regripping the bar. Yeah gee that measures performance blah blah blah.

Today I said all I need to do is add more weight than last time and do an extra rep, just do the work.

I didn’t care about when I regripped the bar, I didn’t care that every rep had to be RDL.

The results were super tough as ballz set, that left every muscle screaming for 10 minutes post set. Even my forearms hit me around the 6 minute mark post set, and this wasnt a hard grip workout for me.

My only goal on form was to avoid using my low back, my hamstrings were really doing the work.

I can tell you this the last 10 were regripped and reset every rep and I couldn’t wait to finish it. I some sections of 5-8 RDL. I stood up for a seconds about twice.

Dead lifts-
180 x 43 DOH by any means, just get 43.

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Tuesday part 2

barbell skull crushers-
77 x 37

Wednesday 9/20/23
98 x 113

Weather is getting better, but still sweating bullets!

CROC rows with hammer bar-
61 x 14ea.

Loving these more and more!

one arm side laterals-
11#+handle x27ea. x27ea.

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Thursday 9/21/23

Floor press-
133 x 35

100# plate BORs x20, 140 x 3 (just getting a feel for the bigger weights here).

Hammer curls-
52.5 x 36

neck curls with teeth-
22 x 15 warmup
27 x 35
27 x 25, x 5
these are tough!

The 100# plate BORs, the reason I’m doing them with a 100# plate is because I don’t have any pulleys. I think barebell BORs are dumb, straps are needed and it’s way too easy to start moving upright with them. I have a theory, I may be wrong, but I think it’s working. My theory is because the plate (therefore the load) is 100% within the body it targets everything any pulley can do and more, the back becomes that solid freaking steel. The loading pin allows any amount of weight to be used, and no straps needed. This journal is unlearning everything traditional, well there’s nothing more traditional for back then barbell BOR’s and pulley rows, and CROC rows with dumbells, not a hammer bar.

Doing these every other day rotating the CROC rows = back is getting thick!!!