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Unknown Spreading Bumps


I wasn't sure where to post this, and I need help on my problem. A couple days ago, a couple of small red bumps appeared on my right arm - I thought it was maybe somekind of an allergic reaction and so I thought it would go away eventually, and didn't think anything of it at the time. However, the next day, even more appeared on my arm and by the next, it had spread to the next.

Everyday it has spread little by little and I continually get a little more. I have already asked my nurse at school, and she sid she had never seen anything like it. It is not chicken pox because they do not itch and I had already got it when I was a kid, and i doubt i have been bitten by fleas because I do not have any animals.

If anyone is familiar with what I'm talking about, can they inform me on how to handle it? I have a couple pictures to show, but it might take a few posts because I don't know how to do them all in one message.


another picture...


they look like pimples


Going to a nurse was your first mistake. Go to a medical professional ie a doctor.

In my opinion, you have an infection or a reaction. Most likely, an infection.


I plan on going to a doctor eventually, but my dad is away on a business trip and so there is no one to make an appointment and take me at the moment. He doesn't come home for a few more days and I needed advice to stop the spreading


The herpies


Molloscum Contagiosum.



I don't think it is, theres no possible way I could of contracted an STD and the symptons for molloscum are more serious - The bumps are only spreading on my arms and no where else


As I said, an infection.


By the way, if it IS an infection, you can't wait for your father to come back. You need some A-bics. Call and make an appointment or go to a walk in clinic, and take public transportation (the bus) or a cab.



Molloscum can be an STD, but it is not primarily considered an STD. It is very common among wrestlers, it is spread on the mats and through close contact. It can also be contracted from dirty gym towels and other places like that.

If you google-image it you will notice that half or more of the pictures are of people's faces and arms and the pictures do not that different from yours. Either way, you need a dermatologist. Good luck.


Oh, and I've had it. It wasn't serious at all. It went away on it's own sort of like plantars warts.


Rubbing alcohol.