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Unknown Shoulder Pain

About 2 months ago my boy somehow fucked his shoulder up. He doesn’t know how he did it, but it is very painful when he lifts etc… He does mad cardio so I thought that was prolly a distributing factor as to why its hurting. He got an mri, and had x-rays about 3 weeks ago and both results came out negative. The reason why he was asking me is because I tore my pec about a year ago, so I am trying to give him as much insight I can here. Anyone know what this could be? Fluid around his joint?

It’s gonna be tough to get very far on something like this on an internet forum. Especially when the test don’t show anything.

Xrays won’t show if he ripped anything I don’t think. If an MRI came up negative, he might just have a muscle imbalance which can cause some pain. I had one and it was like a dull ache constantly. What’s his weight training wokrout like?

He probably didnt hurt it doing cardio unless he slipped and fell and twisted his arm in a funky way.

If its hurting when doing bench press and overhead pressing it could be distal clavicle osteolysis do a google search on it. This pretty common for someone who does alot of heavy pressing. But as its been said before, just go see a doctor, you’ll get a much better answer than an internet forum!

yeah true thanks anyway guys.