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Unknown Quad Injury

Hi guys,

I’m somewhat desperate. I explain below.

I have an issue with my right quad. When i do heavy and/or explosive exercises with a FRONT load (Front Squat, Clean, Push Press, Press) i get a “tweak” in my right quad. Also it occurs when i do sprints, dips or weighted dips or when i sneeze! I have to bend forward to sneeze to avoid pain. It doesn’t affect me with back squats, deadlifts or snatches.

I’ve been to several doctors and physical therapists but none of them could help me.
I did an MRT to see if a muscle is damaged but the doctor said my quad is perfectly ok.

I searched the internet for answers but i didn’t find anything helpful.

I took a pause of any sport for 8 months now and it seemed like it was gone. But now it’s coming back.

Recently a friend suggested it could be an underdeveloped hamstring. So my quad could be overcompensating.

Does anyone of you know of this and how i can cure it? I really hope this forum brings further help.