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Unknown Lifeform in North Carolina Sewer!


Not sure what to make of this...fake or real. Input?





Nice find but they do look a little different than the Tubiflex.


Hey Rhino Jockey your avatar reminds me of my favorite childhood toy!


That link doesn't work...and that you tube video was very interesting.


X2 on both accounts. I hope it's the fucking BLOB!!!!!!!!! By the time it gets to NY it will be winter here and that sumabitch will freeze. LOL



What the fuck?

Maybe the Landopi have finally made their way to the U.S.

(Landopus - Watch your shit.)


The link Jahall posted suggests its a clump of Tubiflex but I don't think they look the same.


Agreed, maybe if you squint real hard and want to believe it's tubiflex worms it can look like it. Honestly I think it looks like nut sacks, they've all ran away from their emo/metro/fe-men former owners and hid in the sewers....just a thought.


dday has a pretty good point..


I can see why it was your favorite.


This was pretty popular on digg.com so i think the large amount of traffic from digg may have taken the page down temporarily.


LOL. Maybe that is where Iron Dwarf got his inspiration from!



it is tubifex.

"Due to the lack of soil, they formed into cyst like formations, occasionally moving as one, making the mass look like it was pulsating."


Three things that turn me from the embodiment of manliness and awesome into a shivering vagina:

  1. Hairless spiders

  2. Sea-faring life with tentacles/beaks/tentacles and beaks

  3. That motherfucking bullshit



Here is that clump in the sewer next to a picture of a clump of Tubiflex Worms.