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Unknown Knee/Ankle Injury

Long time reader, first time poster, and I am looking for some help because I can not tell what I have injured or what I have developed.

I am trying to drop weight and get in better shape. I was working on getting in shape for the 6-6-6 sprinting program I found on T-Nation since the weather is getting nicer and I can work out outside again. I finished the four days of sprinting I was doing to prepare with no problems, but then we had bad ice/snow storms the next four days so I could not get outside. After those four days of bad weather I started noticing my knees and ankles were in pain when I tried to move any more quickly than walking.

Jogging and running are pretty painful for both my ankle and knee. The pain is not really sharp but it stops me pretty quick. Jumping hurts my ankles but only if I am landing on my toes and it does not bother my knees. Movements like squatting cause no pain or discomfort for either my knees or ankles. My Achilles tendon does not hurt at all but the pain is around the side (behind the bumps) and feels like it is near my Achilles. I canâ??t really describe well where the knee pain is either. It is not really side, front, or back. It is just spread through the center. There is no pain in the rest of my feet or legs.

If you guys or girls have any ideas what could be the problem, please let me know so I can be more helpful to the doctor when I go.


Ps. I have had flat feet forever and were $200 sports inserts to keep me from getting shin splints if that helps at all
Ps. I am no stranger to hard workouts or running but I had not sprinted in forever so I did my best to ease into it

What is your current body weight? Have you done this type of training before?

Currently at 240 lbs. I have done a great deal of this kind of training at 220 lbs around a year ago. Trying to lose that weight i had gained.

Sounds like you’ve got a bit $$ around, and your serious about this, so I would suggest picking up a pair of cleats and re-start by running on Grass - a Soccer field to be more precise (sidewalks and pavement are the worst… I don’t even like Treadmills). That’s what I did when I had a similar problem, and eventually ~a couple weeks, I had no more pain, was up to 50+laps around the outside of the field, and never looked back. You could even do your sprints a the field. Did that too. :slight_smile:


[quote]T-Hop89 wrote:
Currently at 240 lbs. I have done a great deal of this kind of training at 220 lbs around a year ago. Trying to lose that weight i had gained.[/quote]

I think it’s pretty simple that your current body weight is causing stress on your joints. Try lower impact activities and see if there is any joint discomfort.