Unknown Fat Problem

Ok here is my story i am 22 years old 77kg 1.81 i play football on a semi proffesional team and i lift weights 2-3 times a week…I always eated whatever without dieting and stuff and my body was always really ripped… My problem is that in the past 12 months no matter what i am doing or trying my belly fat is increasing without getting any weight…

First i thought it was the bad diet i was doing so i started cleaning it up cutting carbs adding protein and some healthy fats… the fat from my body didn t only started to disapear but it also increased even though at the same time i was losing weight…i am feeling this getting worse day by day and i don t know why… i am afraid something is going really on and i don know what s causing this to me … Also i noticed that in the this period espeacially last 4-5 months my libido is decreased and i have mood swings.(i believe from the problem)

If anyone can help me with i would appreciate this a lot because it really concerns me and i am in a desperate situation… i went to doctors for hormone blood tests and they don t seem to care about it

Im no expert but, maybe u could tell me what your diet and training looks like on an average day?

Same height as me and only 77kg. haa i must be fat cause im 95 at the same height man :slight_smile:

10:00 Milk 1,5% low fat with 80 gr oats and 4 egg whites+ green apple
12:00 Tuna or turkey sandwith (whole grain) with low fat cheese
15:00 200 gr meat or chicken or fish(salmon) with 100 gr brown rice and green salad with some olive oil(spoon)
17:00 pre training maybe a green apple
18:00 football training (high intense aerobic exersice
20:00 1 banana + 1,5 scoop whey
21:30 same us lunch without the carbs
00:00 before sleep yogurt 2% and 10-15 almonds

Thats an average day for me like i said i lift weights 2-3 times per week
I have football training like 5 times per week
I am really desperate with this situation i need help on this

Here are my blood tests
TSH 2.01 recommended values 0.35-5
FSH 1.0 1.0-12
LH 2.77 2.0-12
PRL 12.10 3.28-19.68
DHEA 3.82 1.0-4.2
Testo free 17.40 5.5-50

Has your strength gone up or down in this time? Have you lost bodyfat in other areas? What is the football training typically? Has sleep been effected, has your skin, finger nails, and hair had any negative effects, can you get pictures around when it started and now? How long have you been training you have been before this started?

My strenght is about the same maybe lower … I havent lost body fat in any part of my body… My only problem in sleep is that i am sleeping late at night like 3 or 4 am and as for skin finger nails(i eat them like hell)and hair i havent noticed anything weird… T
THe football training is aerobic as u can imagine sprints technique shooting but everything is intense enough
I train as i remember myself like 14 years! and this shit started like one year ago or so…i lift weights like 2 years now… i don t know it s really depressing the whole situation…

This is how i looked about 9-10 months ago and how i look now…

This is now

when you say football, do you mean soccer?

See a good doctor, major changes need serious checking.

The problem is that i don t know where to go they don t seem to care and my blood test are good from what they say… i don t know what to do to find my problem…

well i went to doctors and they don t seem to care about this…my blood tests they say are good and i don t know what’s happening to me and how i will find this problem… I don t know where to go and what to do…

Doesnt really look like fat. Looks more like bloating.

See a doctor.

On a unrelated note. I think you`re eating too little food considering all the training you are doing.

well i went to doctors and they don t seem to care about this…my blood tests they say are good and i don t know what’s happening to me and how i will find this problem… I don t know where to go and what to do…

Post in the TRT forums they would know more about the topic, and read the stickies in there. Also post a front picture so we could compare between the two better.

Maybe post in rehab some are knowledgeable. See an accupunter, look for answer is what i would do.

You need to post a pic from the same angle. The two looks the same to me.

If you haven’t gained any weight/strength and fitness are the same, then it’s probably bloating. Your bf is at such a low level that even a slight change will be noticeable.

Whats your position? What’s your weight training program look like?

what supps do you take, if any?

Why the late nights, do you work in a bar/club ? How much sleep are you getting