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Unknown Biotest Supp.


I was flippin thru Flex magazines just to look at some freaks on my break at work...and one of the MANY ads showed a Biotest product which i have never seen before. I forget the name now but it was like MD something i think...and it was a thermogenic. It listed T-Nation.com at the bottom of the add. What is this product, why isnt it advertised on here, and why would it exist if HOT-ROX already does?


I think that it was probably MD6 which was Biotest ephedra product (when it was legal). I think. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.


Couple questions...

How old was that magazine?

Why were you reading Flex magazine?


That would be MD6 - Metabolic Drive Formula. It contained L- Norephedrine,caffeine, yohimbine, ALA, L -Tyrosine and guggulsterones. That copy of Flex must have been at least 3-4 years old and why were you reading/ looking through Flex? For the love of God - that mag will rot your brains.


mmmmm norephedrine...I sure do miss it.


I think there was a hint by TC or Tim in another thread that MD6 might be making a comeback. Then again I could be on crack.


Dude its actually the most recent flex...yea i know all the advice in it is bullshit...i just look thru it on my break at work...i have nothing to do so im 18 and i work at a grocery store part time...so when im on break i grab one of the magazine rack...trust me i know its garbage. But no joke its the newest issue...you should check it out...theres an MD6 add in there.


haha you weren't "reading" it on your bathroom break were you?

welp you've been figured out.


Nope, you're not on crack...Tim said this in the HRE thread. Said it would be out in about 3 weeks. Well it has been 3 weeks + so hopefully it will be coming out soon...


You caught me...it was Ruhl in that lipo6 ad...i couldnt get him out of my mind...so i discretely took the magazine in the bathroom with me and proceeded to touch myself while i looked at marcus ruhl...i actually put the magazine back on the shelf with a little protein sample inside.


Wow. That's more info than we needed.



I seen the TRIBEX Gold in a muscle mag a couple weeks before it ever came out so........Here comes MD6, probably this friday or next.


TRIBEX Gold was in the Biotest Edge shop before it was here.


Correct me if im wrong but isnt ephedra and ephedrine legal again...if im right this version of MD6 will prolly have it again right? Then Biotest would have two different kind of fat burners...one ephedrine based and one non ephedrine based? Makes sense to me atleast.


I think this has already been discussed, that Biotest will not be coming out with an Ephedra based product.


Then why come out with this?...We already have HOT-ROX...then HOT-ROX extreme...why would we need MD6..it wouldnt really have anything else to offer unless it was ephedrine based.


Time will tell young grasshoppa!


aha... but they've come out with it previously, so it's not like they're coming out with it, just re-releasing it. It's not like they're losing R&D costs on it if it's the same formula anyways.


The new MD6 will still be more of a stimulant than HRX and work through beta adronergic activation, I believe.


Yea, it will also be cheaper than HOT-ROX.

Yea, I'd bet this week or next Friday.