UnKillable Kleinhound 2: This time he's more unkillable-er

  1. Close grip bench 5x5 (80kg)
  2. Strict press 5RM (60kg) then 2x5 (50kg, last set 9 reps)
  3. Bent over row 5RM (100kg) then 2x5 (85kg, last set 11 reps)
    4a. Incline axle press 3x10
    4b. KB gorilla row paused 3x10
  1. Front squat (5 sec eccentric, 5 sec pause) 3RM then -10% 2x3 (100kg/90kg)
  2. Deficit snatch grip deadlift 5RM (first 2 reps paused, 140kg) then -10% 2x5 (no pause, 125kg)
  3. Unilateral farmers carry 3x25m (one rack, one at side)
  1. Bench Press 5RM (100kg) then 2x5 90kg, last set 9 reps)
    2a. Chins 4x12
    2b. Face pulls 4x15
    3a. DB skull crusher 4x10
    3b. DB pullover 4x10
    3c. DB close grip bench 4x10
  2. Fat bar curl 3x10

So my mate who is a former specialist/PTI (still currently serving just not in that role) is going to train me for a bit. Twelve weeks of Strength/conditioning/hypertrophy/mobility to bulletproof the body before we look at really hitting it hard. Lol

You might recognise the first three weeks as I was a guinea pig for this.

Bench 5x5 90kg
Single arm DB press 4x8 30kg
Landmine 1/2 kneeling press 4x8
Db side raise/1/2 kneeling cable row 3x12/8
Face pull/read delt fly 3x6/16
Landmine twist 3x10
Plate pinch/neck flexion 4x15sec/12 reps

Squats 5x5 155kg
KB BSS 3x8
Landmine single leg RDL 3x8
Hamstring curl/lateral squat 3x12/8
Copenhagen plank 4x15 sec
Single leg elevated glute bridge 3x6
Standing calves 4x20

Heavy zercher holds 5x20 sec 140kg
Landmine get ups 3x5
KB farmers carry 4x100m
Deadhangs from climber grips 3x20 seconds
KB swings 4x10
Cable rotations 3x12
Cable hip extension 4x10
90/90 hip switch 4x40 seconds



  1. Assault bike 30 second sprint/90 seconds rest for 5 rounds
  2. Recumbent bike 20mins green zone nasal breathing only

Pretty nuts the drop off in aerobic power on the AB from round 1 to 5.
Round 1 peak output was 1000 units (can’t remember what it’s in…watts maybe?(
Round 5 peak was 650

Maybe more indicative of proper max effort than anything else perhaps



1.Deadlift 5x5 W 160kg
2.Zercher split squat (front leg elevated) 3x6
3.KB goblet squats 4x10
4. Zercher tall kneeling stand ups 3x8
5. Med ball goblet box step ups 3x8
6. Leg extensions 3x12
7. Hip extensions 3x10
8a. Cable adductor pull 3x10
8b. 90/90 hip switch 3x8


6.5km run at 4:40 pace yesterday


Decent pace mate.

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  1. 1/2 kneeling single arm KB press 3x8 20kg
  2. Tall kneeling landmine press (both arms) 3x8 40kg
  3. BB upright row 3x10 40kg bit of body english
  4. Single arm DB floor press, bridged 3x8 27.5kg
  5. Zercher shrugs 3x15 60kg
    6a. Rear delt fly 3x8
    6b. Face pull 3x15
  6. Strict/explosive wide grip chins 3x6/7/8
    8a. Db wrist rotation 3x8
    8b. Neck flexion 3x15 W 15kg plate

Thanks mate! Was definitely quicker on the front end, bit out of condition with running past the 3km mark :joy:

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For me this would say past the 300m mark. LOL

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  1. Cable wood chips 3x8
  2. Sandbag carries 3x40m
  3. Plate pinches 3x20 seconds
  4. Single arm KB swing 3x8
  5. 1/2 kneeling KB halos 3x8
  6. Copenhagen planks 4x15 sec
  7. Single leg glute bridge holds 3x20 sec
  8. 1/2 kneeling bottoms up KB press 3x10

Sitting at 83kg the last few days consistently. Getting used to not being super lean around the abs. Definitely helping with strength having a little extra cushioning


Delts and arms looking great

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Another 6km in the legs today.
Little easier this time just a 5min km pace



  1. Meadows row 3x8
  2. Lying db row 3x13
  3. Rear delt raise 3x12
  4. Landmine chest press 3x8
    5a. DB pullover 4x8
    5b. Fat grip BB curl 4x10
    6a. Single arm cable press down 3x15
    6b. Single arm cable hammer curl 3x15


  1. Single arm farmers carry 4x50m
  2. Wrist rotations 4x8
  3. Tall kneeling plate halos 3x10
  4. KB get ups to kneeling 3x2 heavy
  5. Half kneeling single arm KB swing 3x8
  6. Hang power clean 3x5
  7. Half kneeling palloff press 3x8
  8. Deadhangs 3x30 seconds
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