UnKillable Kleinhound 2: This time he's more unkillable-er

LMAO, I have no idea what you mean.

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2hrs BJJ

  1. Clean complex (1 pause at knee + 1 clean) work to single 9RPE 90kg
  2. Close grip bench 3x10 (65kg)
  3. Strict press (5 sec eccentric) 3x10 (37.5kg)
  4. Far grip rows (pause on chest) 3x10 (45kg)
  1. Squats 5x8 (140kg)
  2. BB back extension 3x10 (15kg)
    3a. Single leg glute bridge 3x10
    3b. KB gunslinger curl 3x12-15

Squats felt awesome. Like 8-8.5RPE
Right bicep/forearm also felt great. I think all the fat grip/kB curls have sorted out the issues I was having there. For the time being at least

BW also up to 84kg which is nice, seeing as BIGGER stronger faster is the goal


That some decent volume at 3 plates mate. Good to see those jacked quads of yours can still put on a show.

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Thanks man! Final week of 8s coming up and then I’ll be building to a heavy 5x5 over the next 4 weeks. Goal there would be to do something in the ballpark of 170-180kg for 5x5



  1. Hang clean. (5sec eccentric) 7x2 build on last 3. (75,85,92.5kg)
  2. Front squat 3RM (140kg) then -15%x3+ (120x5)
  3. Good mornings 3x8 (50kg)

Two PRs in one on the front squat. Very very happy


I think the zercher pin deadlifts have been instrumental at helping solidify my upper back stability under load


Reps all moved pretty good tbh. Maybe a bit more in the tank than I thought


They were sweeeeeeet.

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  1. Wide grip bench 10x5 (85kg)
  2. DB push press 3RM (30kg) then 2x3 (25kg)
    3a. Dips 5 submax sets (10kg)
    3b. Chins 5 submax sets (10kg)

Man DB push press is so hit and miss for me, just keeping the darn things balanced is a challenge. Still, it’s a supplementary lift for my barbell press so the PRs don’t matter so much

  1. Bulgarian split squats 5RM (90kg) then 2x5 (80kg)
  2. Zercher pin deadlift 5RM (140kg)
  3. Landmine single leg RDL 4x8 (10/20/20/25kg)
    Bonus Bi’s/tris/shrugs
  1. Clean complex (1 pause at knee + 1 full clean) 1RM (100kg)
  2. CG bench press 5x10 (75kg)
  3. Strict press 8RM (50kg) then -15% x8+ (42.5x11)
  4. Fat grip paused rows 3x10 (60kg)

The first clean with the pause at the knee I didn’t split wide enough and basically dragged my foot which dropped me out of position. NEARLY spat out the bottom but thanks for zercher mode I was able to manhandle it back into position


Final session of accumulation phase

  1. Squat 5x8 (150kg)
  2. Back extension 3x10 (bw only)
  3. Single leg glute bridge 5x10 (bw only)

Well very happy with 5x8 at 150kg
Probably 8RPE at start and 9-9.5RPE by final set


Love the pared down simplicity of your programming Klein, just in a couple of movements pushed hard and done, no fluff, great work on those squats, I see tasty PRs on the horizon for you!

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Thanks man, it’s a Travis Mash program I’ve had sitting around for a while. Dudes forgotten more about getting people strong than I’ll ever know :joy:


Off day today and felt like getting an arm pump, so did old faithful Matt Kroc 1000 rep arm workout


That has to be understatement of the week right there

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I love strength training, power cleans are awesome, and having monster conditioning is very cool, but no matter how long I train or where my focus goes, there is nothing cooler than a gnarly arm pump


Hypertrophy phase weeks 5 - 8

  1. Clean W pause at knee 5RM (70kg 8RPE) then -10% X5
  2. Squat 5x5 75% (160kg)
  3. Good morning 5RM (70kg 8RPE) then -10 2x5
  4. Zercher reverse lunge 4x10 (build from 7RPE)