UnKillable Kleinhound 2: This time he's more unkillable-er

Maybe not actually, feels like the top of my quad. If I look at an anatomical chart it’d be pretty much where the tensor of vastus intermedius is. I’ll keep an eye on this


could it just be the hip joint popping, mine does that sometimes

I wish, definitely in my quad somewhere

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So it just feels tight when I do a real deep quad stretch like a rear foot elevated split type position. No issue in a normal squat/front squat etc. Good news.

  1. Clean complex (2 pause at knee + 2 clean) work to max (85kg)
  2. Close grip bench 5x10 (70kg)
  3. Strict press (5 sec eccentric) build to 10RM (42.5kg) then 2x10 (37.5kg)
  4. Bent row W fat grips (paused) 5x10 (50kg)

Of note, the clean complex was meant to be a true max but I stopped at probably RPE 8 tonight as I didn’t want to go full idiot and blow out my leg if there was something wrong.

Hitting the clean from the pause at knee level is awesome too, as it really forces me to explode into the triple extension from a short pull.

I would be very happy to hit 100KG on this complex in week 4 but that will depend entirely on how well/confident I am in getting under the bar as I don’t think I’ll be able to power that from a pause


PT work

6 min run
6 chins OR 12 db clean and strict press (alternate)

45 minutes in a 10kg vest


Well quad still feeling good, maybe it was just some tight connective tissue pulling loose?

  1. Squats 5x10 (130kg)
  2. Barbell back extension 3x10 (15kg)
  3. Single leg glute bridge 5x10 (bodyweight)


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I think I fucked up the first two weeks and front squats have been supposed to be 3s not 5s. Cool.

Maybe I just wrote last week down wrong. We’ll go with that. Week 1 looks good

Week 3 (sorta deload week)

  1. Hang clean 6x2 70% (70kg)
  2. Front squat 3x3 90% last week 3RM
  3. Good mornings 2x8 at week 1 weight
  4. Single arm farmers carry 3x20 yards
  5. 6 min versa climber max Cals (126, got 107 in 5 mins which smoked me)

like the new log title mate. Lets go

  1. Wide grip bench 5x5 (85kg)
  2. Db push press 3x5 (30kg)
  3. Dips/chins 3x submax superset

Haha thanks man, I picture it being read in that 80s action movie trailer voiceover

like Hot Shots

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  1. Bulgarian split squat 3x5 (70kg, 5 sec eccentric)
  2. Zercher pin deadlift 2x5 (112.5kg)
  3. Landmine single leg RDL 4x8 (15kg)

Body feeling good, right quad no issues but I could feel the area that made the noise. Almost certainly just tight connective tissue.

In the words of Neil Melanson “sometimes you just need shit to rip”


I have no idea if that 5 is up or down, but all I know s a 5 sec anything in a Bulgarian is horrible.

Hahaha on the way down my friend. It’s when I contemplate life :joy:

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wouldn’t be the first person contemplating life when going down on a Bulgarian

This has taken a turn