UnKillable Kleinhound 2: This time he's more unkillable-er

After a long absence I decided to start logging my training here again, even if it’s just once a week for my own benefit and for anyone else interested.
I’ve made some significant changes to my training and diet in the last twelve weeks.
I joined a small garage strongman/powerlifting gym in Adelaide (south australia) and it fucking kicks ass. One tiny mirror, heaps of bands and chains and stones and kegs, farmers handles and sleds. No more waiting for bro’s to get out of the squat rack, just turning up and kicking ass. My head coach is one of the state and countries best U90kg strongmen, and everyone is just cool. My powerlifting total went up 55kg in 10 weeks here.
Oh yeah…I’m also a vegetarian now.
Don’t worry I’m not here to convince you or tell you what to eat, steak is delicious I get it.
Current stats are 81kg and about 10% bodyfat give or take. I’m still 5’9 unfortunately haha.
Recent PRs would be
190kg squat x 4, 210 x 1
190kg deadlift x 8, 220x1 (near miss at 227.5)
Bench 130x 1
Push press 105x1, 90x8
Broad jump 3M

Anyway I’ll start logging again from now on. If you want to know how I train or what I eat no problems.

Hound x


Yesterday’s training
Bench, 54. Worked to top set of 105. Medial delt on right side has been very right and limiting my power, but constant stretching and mobilisation helps.
2 board press 5
5 worked to top set of 110kg
Superset with 5*20 mini band pull apart
Assistance giant set of JM press, db fly and barbell curl to pump some blood around
Finished with BFR pin wheel curls and Triceps push downs

Current macros, I don’t really track tbh, but an average day of eating can be anywhere between 100-120 P, 300-500 C and 40-80 F.
I know that’s a large variance but tbh I’m staying lean while eating heaps. I get most of my protein through rice, legumes and nuts so I’m never short on carbs. Delicious filling carbs

Long time no see mate, welcome back! It wouldn’t be Fuzzy’s Power Gym, would it?

Hey mate!
Nah not fuzzys, a real small little gym called the warehouse tucked away next to an autoshop


Dude you got ripped in your avatar! Awesome job!


That’s where Patrick Morrison trains isn’t it? Dude’s the most impressive PLer in Aus along with Odell Manuel IMO.

Yeah brother! Well it was until recently, he’s got a dope set up in his home now so I think thats much more convenient for him work/training wise. Such a great guy and it was amazing to be in the same gym as him. Real humble, real hard working guy.

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Todays workout
10 minutes warm up/mobility including jumps, hip circles, belt squats and lots of movement.
sumo deads 5x4, workout up to a top set of 200 which was an easy rep PR, then some back off technique sets at 180
pause sumo deads 3x5 with 120 for further technique work
then an assistance circuit of hip belt squats, chin ups and GHR.
efficient work out, hit everything I wanted which was nice
happy days
triple BW deadlift will be mine


So my daily breakfast is almost always a massive shake. I generally train first but not always. Anyway its
250ml oat milk or sometimes almond milk
250ml water
Massive bunch of fresh spinach
Chunk of red cabbage
Tspn ginger
2 tablespoons Chia seed
1 apple
3 banana
1 cup raspberries
Bit of tumeric
Table spoon of Flax seed oil

Sometimes I add extra oats or a vego protein powder but mostly not. It usually comes out at 1.5-2L of carb goodness but it’s all whole foods and I have the best shit of my day about an hour later. Highly recommend. It’s easy to squeeze more calories in with honey and protein powder too, or add more oil. So if you’re thinking about going vego and don’t want to get small and weak, give that a try.

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Woke up and did 15 minutes of yoga and my God did it feel great afterwards but holy shit I felt so uncoordinated. Will definitely be doing this more.
Ran to the park and just played for 40 mins or so.
Side to side chins, double arm hangs, single arm hangs, some skin the cats, scap retractions, dips, parallel bar walks, broad jumps over hurdles.
I just ran around moving my body. Got at least 50+ chins, dips and jumps and it felt really great. I hate running on its own but having distractions like this morning made it easy to get a couple KMs in.
An hour of nice ‘easy’ work

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Morning yoga again
Then gym for W1D1 NOV
5s of Ssb to a box, 120,135,155 for 8
30-50 back extension
30-50 ghr sit ups (both in 10kg weight vest)
8 prowler trips with 50% bw on sled
Then some grip training static holds for time with Handles
Good honest work

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I’m in. Strongman training and vegetarian, I like it. Sounds like you’ve found an awesome place to train.

A few questions if you feel like answering:
What was your reason for going vegetarian?
How have your lifts/physique/health changed since moving to vegetarian (is this only for the last 12 weeks?)?
What does a typical day of eating look like for you?

I’m a curious cat, but if you don’t feel like disclosing any of the above, don’t worry about it.

Hey mate no problem at all, thanks for stopping by.
Initially went vego to see what would happen, I basically thought I’d get weaker and sloppier to be honest. But after two weeks I was noticeably leaner and dryer and felt incredible. 100% I believe it’s due to the sheer amount of fibre I’m getting and my gut health now.
My strength didn’t suffer at all, in fact I’ve increased the amount of carbs and overall food I eat now so I always feel full and energised. I also sleep better which I thought was a load of crap whenever I read that but for me it’s real.
I’m pretty smart with my food and make sure I supplement B12, vitamins D and get plenty of fats from avocado, Flax seed olive oil and Peanut butter.
Daily I’ll have the big smoothie listed above and then I’ll snack of nuts and seeds and fruit, main meals can be anything from curries to chilli con carne but almost always cooked at home from scratch. And they almost always contain some sort of grain like rice or quinoa, a legume like a kidney bean, butter bean or lentil, some sort of fat and then multi coloured veggies.
I like to cook so it makes it easy, but I see why people think it’s hard to eat enough as a veggo. I’m lucky enough to actually enjoy eating them. But yeah, I basically get all my protein through carb heavy foods.
My physique is fuller and leaner than before, or at least it seems that way. I feel like I recover better too but I dunno, they could be placebo type things I guess.
But yeah it’s only been the last twelve weeks, so the rest of my life I was eating plenty of meat. I basically went cold Turkey. Its also really, really cheap to eat vegetarian. I go down to the markets and get heaps of fresh produce and it costs a fraction of the price
I think I answered everything haha. Let me know if you want any more info. I don’t really track my macros more than once a week or so but I eat a lot of similar things and combinations of food

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Thanks for the response. That’s awesome you’ve had such a positive experience going vegetarian. I have a couple family members who decided to go vegetarian, but unfortunately aren’t doing it the smart way and it seems to be more of a junk food diet than anything else.

Do you eat tofu, tempeh or seitan? What type of protein powders have you experimented with? (soy, pea, blends, etc)

My wife and I discussed going vegetarian awhile ago, and my wife is still interested in it. I haven’t quite done enough research to feel comfortable filling all the nutritional gaps, and since I’m the cook, we haven’t moved very far in that direction. We have moved from milk to almond milk, and I now purchase all my meat locally (more humane animal treatment) or gathered through hunting. So we are at least moving in the right direction!


I don’t often buy tofu, mostly because I fuck it up every time I cook it haha. I haven’t tried tempeh yet and I haven’t heard of seitan. I’ve tried some brown rice protein and it tastes fucking horrid. Well, it’s more the texture but yeah it’s not good unflavoured. I have tried a good chocolate one though which was a pea/brown rice combo so I think I’ll get some of that in the future.
If it’s something you’d like to try, maybe just adding more vegetables to your diet before you even cut any meat out is a good step. After all I don’t think it’s necessarily the absence of meat so much as it’s the large volume of vegetables which is making me feel great. But good on you for getting better quality meats, it always feels much better to eat good quality produce imo

Haha, fair enough. We have tried a little tofu and tempeh and both were pretty blah. I do eat a surprisingly large quantity of fruits and vegetables but I suppose eating more will unlikely hurt!

We even discussed doing a 1 vegetarian day per week as well to test the waters.

Anyways, I’m in and look forward to following along and annoying you with my curiosity.

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One thing I’ve found is a good sauce can make all the difference, cholula and sriracha are two hot sauces I use all the time, also felafels are awesome and versatile AF

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Yeah man 1 day a week is a great idea, even just to mess around with recipes and stuff like that

Today’s training
Another 15 minutes of yoga, lots of balance and single leg balance today, was awesome.
Had a 45 minute walk in the sun with my girlfriend today then hit the gym
Nov w2d2
2 board press 5s. 70,80,92.5 for 11
Then about 75 chins and about 120 dips
All bodyweight, just did different chin types whenever I did a set,
Then did farmers walks with 55kg each handle for about 300m with a partner, we just took turns and walked but did about 150m each. As expected it sucked ass.
Fun day