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University Training Log


Started university just over a month ago. I rushed into joined the uni gym because of its cheapness, unfortunately it is always incredibly busy so getting a decent workout with compound barbell moves that should take 45 minutes is hard to do in less than 2 hours.

I would call myself a beginner who has messed around with weights for a couple of years, have not lifted for the past year though because of traveling. I'm trying to get back into it but due to the inadequacy of the gym it will make it hard. My stats are as follows:

Full Squat(ATG):102.5kg

I am going to try and add a bit of weight on to my frame in the run up to Christmas. I am going to do the 20 rep squat program combined with a GOMAD diet. Aside from the squatting I won't be able to spend enough time in the gym to do any other big moves because of the lack of equipment and the sheer volume of people.

I will try and do my best with standing db, fixed bb exercises and machines for upperbody work. I also need to improve my conditioning as best I can which is obviously in opposition to my bulking goal but it should atleast minimise fat gain.

I play football twice a week and I aim to do 2 cardio sessions a week with the Viking Warrior Snatch training protocol with an optional extra interval day on Sundays if i feel up to it. Here is my proposed training program I intend to begin next week to continue for the following 5 weeks then I go home and I get back to my home gym in the shed consisting of a 150kg of weights an olympic bar, some dumbbells and a bench.

Monday (AM)
A)Squats 1x20
B1)Clean & Press 10x10
B2)Chin Ups 10xnf
B3)Dips 10xf
C) 3 sets of standard farmers walks

Tuesday (AM)
15:15 MVO2 Protocol

Wednesday (AM)
A)Squats 1x20
B1)Horizontal Push Pyrmaid 50-40-30-20-10-...-50 (Benchs usually taken so will be machine, or DB/BB if I can work in with someone)
B2)Pull Ups 10xnf
B3)Leg Raises 10xnf
C) 3 sets one handed farmers walks

(PM) Football Match

Thursday (AM)
15:15 MVO2 Protocol

Friday (AM)
A)Squat 1x20
B1)Clean & Press 3x(1x7,1x5,1,3)
B2)Horizontal rows 3x(1x7,1x5,1,3)
C1)BB Cheat Curls Pyramid 50-10-50
C2)Triceps Push Downs Pyramids 50-10-50
D)Three sets of uneven farmers walks

Football Match

Sunday- Optional HIIT or 40-60 minutes steady state cardio

I will begin with 60kg on the squat and increase 2.5kg every workout. If I fail to make the 20 reps as I progress I will continue at the same weight until I can or take out one of the squatting sessions in the middle of the week.

Not sure but I think my lower body will be too tired from the squatting to include any deadlifting or single leg work. I aiming for a minumum of 3000 calories a day but I'm eating on a budget so it can be tricky. I will be taking a daily multivitamin, omega 3 fish oil capsules, and 10g creatine.


A)Squat(ATG):1x20x60kg [Weight wasn’t too hard, easing myself in after not squatting for a while]
B1)Clean and Press:2x10x40kg,3x(5+5)x40kg,3x(6+4)x35kg,2x(8+2)x30kg
B2)Narrow Neutral grip Chin Ups:1x5,8x3,1x2

Grip is pretty poor, hence the pauses in the clean and presses. Left out the farmers walks at the end of the workout because I ran out of time. Should hit just over 4000 calories by the end of the day. Football training in a few hours.



cMVO2 Test: With a 16kg dumbbell I got 19 reps in the last minute. Not great but you gotta start somewhere.
~4000 calories


Overslept so got to the gym late. Feeling ill, coming down with influenza I think.

DB Bench: 30kgx50,35kgx40,40kgx30
Squat: 1x20x65kg

Finished the workout here, was not feeling great but was happy to have got the squats done.

Played a football match, realised I was definitely ill in the warm up where my heart rate was racing after slow jogging a few laps round the pitch in the warmup.
~4000 calories

Took the day off to try and get rid of my cold.
~3000 Calories


B)Clean and Press: 1x7x30kg,1x5x35kg,1x3x40kg,1x7x35kg,1x5x40kg,1x3x45kg,1x7x35kg,1x5x40kg,1x2x45kg
C1)BB biceps curl:1x50x10kg,1x40x15kg,1x30x20kg,1x20x25kg,1x10x30kg
C2)Cable Triceps Push Downs:1x50x10kg,1x40x15kg,1x30x20kg,1x20x25kg,1x10x30kg



3300 calories

A1)Clean & Press:10x10x35kg
A2)Close neutral grip chin ups:10x4

Slept in this morning so had to go to the gym in the evening. Three of the four potential squat rack/stands were taken with people benching and I wasn’t going to ask to work in with the guy doing smith machine squats. I started with the super-setted exercises which went well. I went lighter on the clean and press so I wouldn’t have to do extended sets to get 10 reps in. I almost reached my goal but for the second last set I had to rest for several seconds before getting the last rep. I increased the number of chins and dips since last week which is progress. Don’t know whether this is because I was more fresh having not squatted first or I’m getting a little stronger. The squats were harder than I remember them being last week, only a 2.5kg increase, but having to do them at the end of the workout definitely took its toll. I’ll have to ensure I squat first in the coming weeks as the weight increases as I don’t think it will be easy to do once I hit next Monday and approach squatting my own bodyweight.