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University Training Facilities?



I'm from norway, currently studying law here in Oslo, in 2-3 years, I'm planning on doing a year at an american public university. I have had my eyes on WSU for some time now, but I thought it might be a good idea to ask you guys what kind of thoughts you have about the training facilities at different unis around the US..?


It varies tremendously depending on several factors, such as, the division of the University football and/or basketball teams, notoriety of their coach and the University endowment allotted for the sports facilities.

Then of course, there is always Yale, whose University gym, Paine Whitney is the largest in the world, and except for the endowment, the teams fill none of the above criteria. I have the privilege as a staff member to work out here.


I'm afraid I'm not even close to affording a year at Yale, nice as it may be! :slight_smile: Thank you for the other tips though, I'll check a bit around.


Most larger public schools have two weight facilities. A student "rec center" open to all students, and then an athletic training complex which may or may not be open to regular students when sports teams aren't using it. Most of the "rec centers" I have run into are similar to regular commercial centers, lots of machines and one or two squat racks full of frat boy curlers. The athletic complex's are gold though, usually with olympic platforms and power racks galore. At my school (which doesn't have a law program, sorry!) the athletic complex is open to all student from 6pm to 10pm and from noon-3pm and is usually uncrowded. Otherwise, I use the rec center during off-peak hours (it has an indoor track which kicks ass for intervals in the winter).

I'd check the school website and e-mail someone in the student recreational services department if you can't find facility information on their web site.


What the full name for WSU? And what kind of law are you studying for?

I really can't tell you about the "average" university gym, but from my correspondance with people elsewhere they are about similar to commercial gyms, only with older equipment.


Well I'm not sure what has the best, but I can tell you the worst. Don't go to the Univerdity of Iowa. Instead of having one nice big facility they have 3 mediocre facilities. I have to work out at a commercial facility because of that. I do know the University of Western Illinois has a very nice facility though.