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University Students Chime In...


The cock-sucking higher-ups at my uni gym have decided that they will make it their personal quest to rid the gym of the olympic platform...and possibly ban all overhead lifting including military press. The one who got the platform put in is obviously on my side, but she's the only one. These clowns are looking for any reason they can find to deem it "unsafe" and get rid of it.

So UK is roughly 25,000 students and they want to know if similarly sized unis: A)Have olympic platforms, B)Allow olympic lifting.

Help me out people; do any of you who go to SEC schools mind chiming in? And everyone else...do you guys have olympic platforms?


Not SEC but...

A) Yes B) Yes

Washington State University


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I kid...


Yes, and yes. Definitely so

Undergrad a Universite de Montreal and M.Sc at Universite de Sherbrooke


Do your schools athletic teams train in a separate facility? I can't imagine the head of the Atheltic Department or any of the S&C coaches being too pleased with that

And yes, Saint Mary's University has two platforms. (I miss that gym)


Bear in mind, we've had two people lose fingers in the last few years while using dumbells, and this is the thing they are going after.


Explain this please...


Yea our athletes have their own facility with 3-4 platforms, but they train in the rec center on occasion, so maybe I'll bring up that little tidbit as well.


Were they taking turns dropping dumbbells on each others' hands from the Olympic platform?


Both involved ridiculous supersets. They were on benches, had multiple dumbells and were doing flyes. They had weights underneath the benches, and when they went to drop the dumbells they were using, the finger got in between the dumbell they were holding and the one on the ground. Lopped the finger right off in both cases.


We're the DB's coated in rubber or bare iron? I know this is possible, I just can't imagine the fingers being cut clean off instead of being crushed beyond recognition. This happening once is bizarre, twice is just creepy.


I just graduated from UF and they had the gym closed at the end of the semester because they are installing two new olympic platforms. Haven't been in the weight room since then because I lift elsewhere but it sounds like UF is becoming more olympic friendly than before. But then again, UF is the foremost progressive and forward-thinking institution in the SEC :wink:


Rubber-coated. It was a freak incident that somehow happened twice, because I think both times it caught the finger right at one of the knuckles. I'm slightly exaggerating in saying they were cut right off; from what I was told, the finger was still attached but hanging on by the skin.


Haha, I'm a UL fan...I'll talk shit about UK all day with you. The people in our rec department are obsessed with "benchmark institutions," and I think you guys are one of them, so that's a bug plus for the cause.


BYU is putting in an OLY platform, per my repeated requests.


LSU comes to mind

I train at FDU, full oly section, maybe 10 platforms.


UTK <--- Yes we have an oly lift platform.



WVU has 25 platforms


LSU has 10


lol, fair enough, though, UK killed us twice in basketball this year, so there are bragging rights to be had.

They spent a big part of last year redoing other parts of the gym and adding an enormous two level cardio room with an overhead track, so I was concerned that weights would get left out, but it looks like they are coming through.

The school I'll be at in the fall is Pac-10, not SEC, but they are looking into improving their facilities as well. I'm surprised UK is looking to ban overhead lifting (does that include seated pressing too?), too. Did anyone get severely injured recently or are those cock-sucking higher-ups just looking for ways to meddle?


Not a single platform-related injury in the two years it's been here. And yea, they want to get rid of the military press, though I don't think they could enforce a ban of dumbell pressing. I worry that if they find a single instance of injury anywhere, then our platform's fate is sealed.