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University of Phoenix Experience

I start classes there next week online of course bc im in the miltary and moving around a lot on dets and what not. but my question is, has any one had any experience with this college or heard anything about.

My buddies wife got her degree from there and I don’t think she ever had any problems.

Seems to be the real deal. I see they have buildings in Harrisburg and Baltimore area. They offered my wife a teaching position but the money was low.

When I priced it, it was silly expensive. An accredited degree is a degree, though. Put effort into it and you’ll be fine

I’ll be done with my masters in health care administration this september. (pretty much an MBA focused on health care)

I feel that it is easier than going to classes. I’ve slacked on the reading, but done all of the assignments, and I’ve still earned all A’s (except I think 2 class). I’m through 12 of 16 classes (I think).

the navy covers the cost of the school and grants pay for my books so its free school to me without even using my mgib