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University of Iowa Football Team Hospitalization


I've been reading about the Iowa team, with as many as a dozen players ending up being treated for rhabdomyolysis. Some have offered their opinions on how this could have happened, and it does seem sort of odd. Off-season training, consisting of the usual squats and Prowler sled pushes, nothing appears out of the ordinary. Maybe some of you T-Nation folk can shed some light on this, and enlighten the rest of us as to what the "real" story is.


I'll shine some light on this: there's already a fucking thread about this topic.


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Well, there's no need to let this thread die. We could just turn it into a thread in which we expand on the sheer stupidity of the OP by verbally abusing him beyond all recognition, to the point where he feels the need to post even less-frequently than the post-per-month rate that he's at right now. I'll let you start.


Planet Fitness


Sorry, I should explain that previous post of mine, it seems that in the last couple of weeks the words "Planer Fitness" have come to be an epithet.


a word, phrase, or expression used invectively as a term of abuse or contempt, to express hostility, etc.


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When I read this I read it as "Epitaph" as in we should let this thread die, since I made one about it yesterday, but then I read the definition, and it occurred to me that we could just make this a thread about random vocab, so I'll start:

Antediluvian- The time period "before the deluge" or before the great flood in the bible, synonymous with ancient...


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I was not insulting you or piggy backing on the mongoloid troll. I was referring to said troll's trollitude in an attempt to make a joke at said troll's expense.