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University Of Central Florida, UCF

Hey does anyone from Tnation go to UCF besides me. There’s 53000 students that go to UCF so i figured i would make this shoutout. I’ve been working out at a different gym this semester but this spring im working out in the ucf gym. Any Knights out there?

i visit a few people down there once in a while. the president of kappa sig i’ve known since pre-school. the rock wall in your gym is sick, not to mention the subway on the top floor.

gym is kinda small IMO. plenty of equpiment, definatly not enough space.

I dont know why University gyms are a piece of shit. I am sure the UCF gym is better than FIU’s new facility. Never enough space!!

I went to Rollins and lived out at North Gate for a summer and LOVED the gym youve got there. Im actually visiting a bunch of ucf guys in charlotte this weekend…

I recently moved to Miami to go to UM for B School tho.

I would wear my TESTOSTERONE shirt to that gym like 5 years ago and got no comments from the nation, but maybe you can try that. Or flash some Anaconda around. Id definitely say something if I saw someone using that.