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University Gym Or Fitness Center

Ok, I am paying way to much for my gym membership. I just started working for Stanford Univ. and have access to there Athletic facilities(which kick ass btw).

I am trying to convince myself that I don’t need the membership to the fitness center. I like having the fitness center cause I can go anytime of the day or night and if I am out of town I can use those facilities also.

Any thoughts! or persuasions!

University gym, free and if the facilities as nice as you say why pay? You’re a poor coolege kid:O) save the money for more important things like XBox games, booze, and women

Dr. Banner,
University gym because:

  1. Free access
  2. Hot coeds, oh wait, you said Stanford, nevermind. J/K

I have experience in this sort of decision. I would prioritize what is important for you at the moment in your training and your out-of-gym responsibilities, and also in the long term.

I would choose the university gym over the fitness center. Sometimes they are one and the same as far as training atmosphere (squat rack curl stories). But it’s free and open for your use. I am pake’ so I usually go the cheaper route. Also the fact that transportation is minimal because it is where you work, that’s a plus. How far do you live from the university compared to your fitness center/gym?

ANother plus I had the pleasure of enjoying when I did the same at the local university was that I became friends with the strength trainer for the football program and got to train in the varsity sports gym so I got to use the O-lift equipment and stuff like the glute-ham raise machines, tires, and other awesome training tools that did not exist in the student-intramural gym.