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University Dilemma


Alright, so we all have our issues and dilemma about money, etc but I would like to have the view of other people on this.

I am in university which was supposed to be alright and there is 12 units (3 course: 3+3+3) I have to do before I finish. A semester is 15 units. 1 course is needed before the 2 others. If I do them together, I finish in 4 month, else I finish 8 month after this.

A lot of people have asked to one of the 2 person that can give the autorisation if they could do it but they were denied firmly. You could do it together easily, but there is a structure of bullshit useless criteria that want you to do it one after the other. Those 2 guys are in love with it and it is the reason why they exist here and get paid.

1 of these 2 guy, which is in contact daily with the other one, only have to send a short approbation by email to a women who is not in contact with him. The woman will then check a box or something that will let you pick both course togetherby yourself when you have to choose your list of course. In this school all the courses are linked by a network of constraint, then at the very end someone check if all the course are passed and they give you your diploma.

In this school no one cares about each other. No one knows what anyone else do and everyone is greedy as fuck. The older you are, the more full of shit you are. It's a den of failures from other countries who only know how to deal with the system. After and while doing this you lick the feet of the companies to hire you. Basically they love hiring female black or arab immigrants who will accept anything. They will exploit them or anyone as much as they can. They love to hire you as a intern for the longest possible time to spend to least money possible.

So this is 8 month of salary and not having to listen to someone talk in a class, which is a huge deal. This is yet another abuse, and there is no winner, only a loser. I am very uncomfortable with just letting theses assholes lose me thousands of dollar and my time because of their system no one cares about.

This is the end of an engineering degree of 4 years (108/120 done). I will not do anything anymore if it is not directly linked with me earning my livehood. I will not do a master degree on a random insignifiant tidbit of a boring subject that maybe profit to someone else if no money is behind. If I had knew about the whole deal I would have gotten a trade and I would be making money since at least 4 years.

I was thinking of hiring a hacker to give me the autorisation (maybe), or creating a false email of 1 of the guy (bad) and getting the woman to give me the autorisation. No one will notice about me doing classes I am not supposed to do if I don't tell anyone and if I am sneaky enough.I don't know what will happen if they find out, but on the other hand things way worse have alreay happened in this place (like someone hacking the system and stealing the grants, massive cheating and probably blowjob for grades). Their computer system is probably rickety.

What else? I am tempted to quit for this but I doubt other things would be better. Sorry for the wall of text.

Portland's Inequality Tax
Portland's Inequality Tax

Engineering is a profession that depends on its professionals having high ethical standards. You might consider the possibility that the profession isn't the right one for you.


From what I gather (read about a paragraph maybe 2) you want to take 2 classes concurrently and the university doesn't allow that. Shouldn't you have planned your schedule out years ago?

To use myself as an example, I have the remainder of my graduate course work planned out (6 classes), an MBA planned out (36 credits I think), a supply chain management post-baccalaureate certificate and a project management post-baccalaureate certificate planned out (expected year/semester/cost/if it will be reimbursed/out of pocket cost/etc...). I might not do any of those things, but the plan (which can always be charged) has been setup to avoid this exact situation.

I don't know what to tell you, but I wouldn't try and "hack" the school unless you want to work at McDonald's for the rest of your life.


What, you're not going to suggest becoming a lawyer?


No it's too late.


I think you should definitely do this. It's a great idea; nothing could go wrong.


At least for me I had everything planned but when it came to register that could through the whole plan under the bus because classes fill up.


You can blame the accreditation for that.


What engineering discipline are you studying?


Absolutely. You have to be flexible.


I was going for an advanced surfacing certification and ended up dropping it because the last two classes required (out of six) weren't offered for 18 months.


See, I can understand being pissed about that!


Having met some people in charge it seems that the only way to not waste my time in this situation is to cram a master in the last 3 semesters I'll have to do to finish my bachelor. Oh well

That was a piece of life of jasmincar

Thank you tnation


I hope one of your remaining classes includes technical writing. Prerequisites exist for a reason.




Except this is a forum and I write however I want for fun. Nice try.


I hope your maths is better then your English because the first couple paragraphs gave me a headache.