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University degree

I will be going to university to get a bachelor of science next year and was wondering if anyone has a degree in Neuroscience or knows someone who does? There are a lot of choices and I am worried that if I fail to make it into med school I will not have anything to fall back on. I do know I should find something that I like but has anyone found a a degree ( in physical or life sciences) that will allow east transition into the job market? Thanks for any help.

Check out Pharmacy. We had a threat on it earlier, but it is a degree with the quickest return on your investment.
Best of Luck

Do a pure science. (chem, math, physics, etc) Hardly anyone at my school does that stuff so there won’t be anyone left to replace all the profs who are going to leave. It’s like that all over Canada too I think. Everyone is more into applied science & engineering right now because it’s so much easier.

Do you need an MD to become a pharmasist?

No. And there are some great scholarships out there. Right now there is a shortage and graduating students are making around 80K. Check out the older posting for more details.
Best of Luck.

If you don’t make med school, you are going to starve dude…

Don’t sugarcoat it like that pat tell him straight;)

I am minoring in neuroscience and majoring in Marketing. Planning to work for a pharmacuetical company. Big companies like phizer come to Pitt all the time looking for that double major type thing if this helps and the money is totally ridiculous cause pharmacuetical companies are mad rich and lucrative. What better business than taking advantage of fat and depressed people while charging outrageous prices and monopolizing the FDA?