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Universities Brainwashing Students



What is this junk? A bunch of 'scientists' and engineers with 'credited work' and 'reputations' think they can examine somthing as obviously benign and simple as this open and shut case and privital moment in American history?


What a bunch of crap.

9/11 conspiricy bullshit has turned into a cottage industry.


Yes your exactly right and this industry is raking in the dough.


We should only believe the government's 9/11 commission, after all the president appointed it and the media calls it "independent", history will tell....


There are quite a few independant, well researched books about the hijackers.

I believe 2 planes crashed into the buildings causin them to fall. I believe they were flown by Islamic extremists.

I don't believe the ignorant lies told by people on the subject. The bullshit is so blatant it is hard to take these kooks seriously.


jlesk68, you couldn't be more right, history will tell. Just like you believe history has told it's story about Nazi Germany, JFK, Communist Russia, England during the Crusades, 18th cent. Bavaria, etc., etc. Those are all well documented thoroughly understood historical events, right? No, No, you're right, history will tell. Shouldn't we be watching embedded reporters with the 1st Armored Division rolling into Tehran about now?





"What the people of Oceania failed to realize was that their government was firing the missiles against themselves."
--- George Orwell

(That's from memory, so may not be completely accurate.)

Remember, war is peace. :slight_smile:


Is it not the purpose of universities to "brainwash" students?

Analytical and critical thinking skills are definitely not something human beings are born with?