Universal T Cell Challanges???

Cezar and I were talking and thought it would be awesome to se if there is an interest in getting a set group of reproduceable complexes and various events that could be timed and measured.

Then the Various T Cells and small groupd World wide could do these and we could have an on going competition of sorts.

It would largely be on the Honor system, but hey if you arer crazy/dumb enough to do some of these events then hey I think we can trust everyone. Also if you lie/cheat you short no one but them selves.

Just seems like a good way to get that competitive nature to some w/o’s and have some fun.

Various strength and endurance obstacles and such. Drags throwws. Check out the DC T Cell outing thread in the Photo forum for an idea of what we are talking about.

Chime in if there is interest.


I’m in. Lets get a triathlon set up too. :-D.

As long as there’s a “Stand on top of a Swiss Ball for max time” challenge. I’m so there.

I was thinking more like unilateral ear balanced swiss ball glute ham raises for reps. Like amount of reps in say 5 minutes.

Just bumpin this honestly

Phill -

It sounds like a good idea. It would also be cool to have a way of indentifying people in your area. Not everyone posts the state they’re in. Maybe the mods have an idea of how to do it.

Anyone in or around Kansas City?

I like this idea and the overall idea of meeting with some local T-Nation brothers for some form of friendly competition. I’m not a powerlifter myself, just workout (lift, run, etc…) on a regular basis, love supps, plus martial arts.

If anyone in Colorado, preferebly Northern CO wants to figure something out, email me. I live in Fort Collins.


What exactly is a challange?

[quote]TriGWU wrote:
What exactly is a challange?[/quote]

It is the same effect I get when having to hold my self back from your smart mouth, its a CHALLANGE.

Super. KC area. Man wish I knew that earlier. I lived not far from KC for well my whole damn life up till two years ago. I still frequent the area when I go for visits. I say post up a T cell thread. I have had Numerous PM’s from people in that area.