Universal Remote Choice?

Can anyone recommend a good universal remote? I’ve checked out reviews on other sites but found them not necessarily comparable since the people buying and reviewing the high-end remotes expect more from their equipment than the lower end customers, who will be happy with anything that remotely (sorry) works and cuts down on the # of remotes they have. I’m not necessarily concerned about price, but I don’t want to throw $500 down on something that isn’t going to give me any added benefit over a $30 remote.

I have:
STB (cable box with DVR)
DVD player
VHS (outdated, I know, but hey, I’ve got vintage porn)
Stereo receiver

Automated processes would be nice to have (i.e. programmed one-touch), especially when my in-laws are staying over taking care of the kids - they can’t figure out a simple remote sequence and always end up just reading and complaining that they couldn’t watch their shows. I am currently the only one in my family that can work everything.

One that calls out to me is the Harmony One by Logitech. Anyone have that and can recommend/not recommend?


I currently use the Harmony Advanced Universal remote for Xbox 360. The main reason I went with this one was because it comes preprogramed for use with the Xbox 360. I use it for HDTV, Receiver, DVD/VHS, and Xbox 360.

I actually like it quite a bit. It did take a little tinkering with to get all the macros working correctly though. The only problems I have with it right now is that when I switch from DVD or Xbox to tv it switches to analog tv instead of digital and I have problems navigating the tv menus with it. I could probably fix both but it hasn’t been a huge deal.