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Universal Animal Pak


can you make some comment on that ingredient chart..is it enough or not?(not for trainin hard(3-4 days)but in order ) ...
is it more then i want? .. is it good for continuous using?.. i suppose this is the right tin..but your comments will effect my decision..


Animal Pak Mega-Vitamin/Mineral/Antioxidant Complex
All The B Vitamins
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Folic Acid Key Amino Acid Blend
Performance Optimizers
Pyridoxine Alpha-Ketoglutarate
Coenzymes A & B
Para-Aminobenzoic Acid
Siberian Ginseng (Eleuthero)
Oriental Ginseng (Panax Ginseng)
Alpha Lipoic Acid (Thioctic Acid)
IGF Colostrum
Phosphatidylcholine Joint & Bone Support
Shark Cartilage
Vitamin D
EFA Complex
Linoleic Acid
Oleic Acid
Digestive Enzymes


Why don't you just focus on eating plenty of vegetables and fruits as part of a sound nutritional program and forget the shotgun approach of supplements like this.

Honestly, I've never seen a benefit to using such a product.


Multi Vitamins can be good as a sort of insurance to make sure you are getting everything. Even with a good diet it can be tricky to get all your nutrients, but I think the Animal Pak ones are overpriced.


Look around on the net and you can find them pretty cheap. But I wouldn't take more than 1 pak a day. the other would be a simple multi.


HAHA-HAAAA!! This reminds me. Remember Hot Stuff? I actually bought a tub of that crap once. 1994 I think it was. Thought I'd puke. OK, back to the thread...


I take one pak a day and I like how it has EFAs and joint support ingredients. It has been around over 15 yrs IIRC and it is still pretty popular.


I used to take it (one pack a day) and really liked it. The only problem was the price. I also dont like vitamins in a compressed pill. I now take a multi that is a capsule. Im a firm belever that capsules are much easyer to digest and actualy get the nutrients out.


I bought this once to reassure I was getting all the vitamins I need but this stuff Is overpriced.


Posted by someone, someplace, as feedback to animal pak. Obviously it is a joke but damn if it isnt funny:

How long did it take my arms to get undeniably big?

It all started about 8 months into my mom's pregnancy, me being the unborn baby.. Around that time my dad was an experienced lifter. He had Animal Pak laying around in the medicine cabinet - Unfortunately, one fateful day, my mom mistook the animal pak for a generic 1-a-day vitamin complex.

As soon as trace amounts circulated through her and hit me, I turned into an alpha-fetus. My arms grew from 4 inches around to 23. The animal instinct then took over. I punched a hole through her womb and did a back handspring out. I loaded my mother, who was by this time going into shock, onto my shoulders. I used the umbilical cord as a band, and fastened it to a nearby drawer and started squatting.

Resistance ended up totalling ~200 pounds. 200 x 15, at 8 months old. My first PR. When the paramedics arrived, they thought it was a freak accident. They couldn't have been more right - I was both a freak, and an accident.

  • Brock Castle, 2850 pound total.


I like the Animal Pak. I use it as part of a little 3 multi cycle of mine. I'll take Source of Life then move to something like Life's Fortune and then take Animal Pak and do it all again. (i take each bottle till the end THEN start the next. Not SoL one day, then LF one day, etc...)


LOL!!! That was the funniest thing I read all week!


Animal Pak is good stuff, but unless you're chronically overtrained, a multi, C, and E are enough.


IMHO, the moment i stop taking a copious amount of vitamins and multi's i noticed i felt better physically and mentally. when you force the body to digest the huge amount of vitamins and minerals at once, which most of which is disgarded, you stop seeking out healhier foods.
fruit and veggies are better when they are not in pill form...


Great point. There is no reason to use it unless you are training hard. A simple multi will do the trick.


I agree 100%


That's easy for a vegetarian to say!

:-p (j/k!)