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Unit Price Law (Meat/Poultry)?

I’m hoping some of you nutrition gurus will know this off the top of your head. I have a beef with my local grocery stores and they’re blowing Me off.

Isn’t there a federal law requiring grocery stores to place a label indicating the actual unit price (price per pound, price per ounce, etc.) on the shelf next to all food products?

I’m getting pretty pissed off with my local Walmart, Publix and Kroger for routinely failing to put this information on the shelf. The label is there, just no unit price. This has been a trend for some time now and is beginning to appear to be intentional.

It’s getting old trying to compare a 14.5 oz package of chicken with a 20 oz package.

I’ve noticed the lapse on other items like frozen or canned veggies, etc. but the meat and poultry is what bothers me the most.

If so, which federal agency has information on that law and it’s requirements? I’ve tried searching on USDA, FDA and the Fair Trade Commission - Units and Measures (FTC) sites but get obscure stuff.

Did the Fed get out of that and delegate it to the state?

I want to make sure I’m on solid ground before I elevate it to their management levels or possibly file a complaint.

Thanks in advance. This bee’s been under my cap for awhile.