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Unique SSP Questions, and a Big Time Thank You

First i would like to say thank you for all the amazing quality content you have published. I purchased your SSP protocol and have thoroughly digested all of its contents and had come up with a couple of questions.

  1. For the shield phase would it be acceptable to sneak in some extra upper back work to balance out some of the internal rotation work? If so what would you be comfortable recommending for someone heavily focused on health and longevity.
  2. While running the stars and stripes would it be acceptable to replace the leg press with a matt wenning belt squat?
  3. What exercises would be an acceptable substitute for the leg extension? I train at a powerlifting gym.
  4. After reading your article on back building, i thought it would be cool to really emphasize back work during the stars and stripes phase, is this an acceptable modification to the program? Any recommendations would be highly appreciated? What would be a good back builder to swap for pec flys?
  5. Lastly which book of yours do i need to buy to gain more info on your “new big 15 templates” the article was originally published in April 2012 it details a 7 day a week split with three big and three small workouts. I would really love to run something like this after SSP. here is the link to the article if that helps. http://www.lift-run-bang.com/2012/04/new-big-15-templates.html

Sorry for all the questions. I came up with them while running a couple of thibs paid for programs. so i have had many months to think about them lol. Thanks again for all your great writing. you and thibs are bringing tnation back to the forefront of publishing the best strength and conditioning content!!! oh by the way your instagram is a gold mine of sweet new exercises please keep posting.

wishing you and your family well, godbless.

  1. I have a yoke article coming out soon and one of the things I suggest in that you could implement is band pull aparts on the daily.

  2. Yes that would be fine.

  3. The bodyweight leg extension.

  4. I wouldn’t make wholesale changes like that to a program. Then it’s not THAT program.

  5. That would be Strength, Life, Legacy.

Just bought the book. The program looks awesome!!! dbell flys kill my shoulders ( ive tried every variation imaginable) is there a suitable alternative you would recommend to spare the shoulders? thanks paul.
edit: I just finished the book this morning. This was something I needed to read a long time ago; I have plenty of training material now but could you recommend another one of your books to follow up with this one. Thank you for taking the time to help me.

Try cable crossovers instead.

I’m actually working on two new books. A fat loss manual that I’m super excited about and a new high intensity PURE hypertrophy book as well. If your goal is just lean mass then hold off for a bit as it’s coming. :slight_smile:


Base Building is a must have so might as well get that while we all wait for the new books

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cool! thanks for the tip man!!

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