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Unique Snatch Problem - Help


So I have a problem with Overhead Squatting that I have never heard of before nor has anyone that I have asked... My left hand has what I would best describe as some "extra material" under the skin in the spot circled in the photo. In the overhead squat position this causes extreme pain (even with just the bar).

I really enjoy Olympic lifting, but have only been able to do the clean and jerk because of this. I was thinking of maybe putting some kind of brace or padding between that part of my hand and the bar. Any thoughts? I'm mostly interested in suggestions for what to use, but other ideas are welcome.

Thank you.


Try lots and lots of chalk. If that doesnt help. Use more. Otherwise, I would try my hardest to work around it if i were you.


the bar is pinching your skin do you mean?

i get that at times, too.

maybe try stretching your hands out then gripping the bar.


Lex....Hmm maybe that's what I need to do, stretch my hands out around the bar more. I have a huge globby bump around my thumb's proximal phalanx, mainly on the left hand. Been hurting like a mofo, thought it would toughen up but seems to be getting worse.


minimal described exactly what I have on my left hand. I was just thinking about trying to desensitize it...but it doesn't sound like that worked for you. I'll try getting the bar deeper into my hand, but I honestly don't feel that will work. It is not a pinching of the skin. That is something I can and have coped with in other lifts.

The pain is amazingly intense, to the point where just the bar is too much. Having lifted for years, doing kickboxing and jiu-jitsu, I'm no stranger to pain, but this is honestly on a whole different scale. I'm content just doing clean and jerks, but I'd love to start snatching one day a week.

Thanks guys.


Use some Elastoplast tape on your hand (the brown one, surgical tape), its inexpensive, sticky, and is pliable so it will conform to your hand in the clenched position. Wrap it around your entire hand and build up a protective base, plenty of people do this for Oly lifting, it is not a unique problem but quite common.




Forgot to buy some of that elasto stuff, but will definitely try it out. The globby bump is actually just off the inner part of bone of my thumb, I'm hoping it'll grow into another digit in a couple of years, might give me an advantage.


Tried the tape in my spare time before Muay Thai class today. No pain at all with just the bar. While I haven't tried it with more weight, I predict I won't have any problems.

Thank you. Now comes the hard part of actually working on the form.


Good to hear buddy!