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Unique Situation?


Im going to try and make this short and sweet. I need advice as my situation does not seem to prescribe to the one size fits all solutions of running test. YES! i read the newb guide to their first cycle. it gave me a lot of background, but im still in search of the appropriate solution here.

im 27,5'6", 165lbs, dl: 405, sumo: 495, squat:335(atg), bench: 315. I feel like ive maxed out the genetic potential and now it is time to assist. i train using a progressive 10x(3,4,and5) program, where the number of reps goes up every week, ending in 50 reps of some heavy ass weight by the end of the month. I also throw in a 5x10 to keep the nervous system somewhat fresh. my diet is great, clean carbs and protein and essentially the only fats i consume are cocounut oil and the fats from meat.

looking for:
let me start off by saying, im not looking to gain a ton of weight (muscle or not). i have shitty knees and a neuroma in my foot, so putting a ton of extra weight isnt really an option, otherwise i see age 40 being a motherfucker to the body. that being said, id like to wind up right around 175-180 lbs (add 10-15lbs). what i really want is my strength to go up. especially in the squat (looking to be able to hit 405 with a true full squat).

my problem:
the problem is this, my hair isnt exactly sticking around for the entire show. i have read and read and everyones solution to this problem is go ahead and take the test and also take finasteride. this solution will not work for me; i started losing my hair a few years ago and went ahead and tried the propecia route. my penis STOPPED working. if you are unaware of this side effect look into it, it is very real. anyway, my boners came back after a year but werent what they use to be. it took about three years for my shit to work the way it use to. I will never chance this again (hopefully you can understand why).

so, is there a solution to this problem guys? maybe a low enough dose of test where the hair wont go running for the hills but still enough to make progress? im at a loss. so much for short and sweet. Thanks in advnace for any and all useful advice!


Forget your hair and use test.


Maybe low dose Test + Deca?


What's more important to you Squatting 405 and gaining 10-15lbs or having hair. World is a unfair place and you can't usually have everything you want so choose.


x2. Keep in mind that you want strength, not size, so you are bound to use tren and masteron, which means goodbye hairline.


Unfortunately you are going to have to make a choice. Or fight to keep the hair with the drugs that do that. Then get some Cialis to deal with the ED. I'm sure a doc could help deal with the hairline and ED.

I don't have this problem so I'm just throwing out an idea.


Thanks guys. I appreciate the input, this board has its shit together. Seems like the best bet at this point is to wait until the hair falls out and then go HAM on the test.

However, the eternal optimist in me wants to keep up the pursuit. If there are any trade tricks that some master has up his sleeve im very open to ideas. I will research the test + deca suggestion. would 200mg of test a week be too weak if done with deca? i was also looking at possibly a low dose test + anavar cycle (please dont flame me for this one....i see a lot of hate on anavar on here and i understand why, its weak as shit and expensive, but im open to ideas here).

also, has anyone with mpb taken test with less than severe results on the hair? i dont mind if i shed a little over a three month period, but i dont want the hair to go up in flames in a few months. im in academia and i think that might look fishy and give off the wrong impression to the faculty, students, reseach fellows, etc.

In respect to the weight concern. i have read that test400 will gain me between 20-30lbs. can i tailor my training to strength and avoid these gains? im looking for 15lbs absolute max


Much of the weight gain is determined by diet. If you eat at maintenance calories you won't gain as much weight and will likely lose some fat. (Obviously determined by workout as well) Test 400, is still test. It's just the amount of mg/ml and the ester that determine the "type" of test. 400 won't provide bigger gains than 250 or any other test. Good luck with the hair. I can't really give advice on that.


Start a low dose AI now.

Your dick stopped working because you inhibited DHT, the primary male hormone in all tissue except muscle and while lowering it does not directly raise estrogen on paper, it does up-regulate the effects of estrogen in the body, this means the estrogen you have causes more estrogenic effects without the need for increased levels. DHT inhibitors are incredibly stupid and have caused more damage than giving M1T to children.

You need to correct your estrogen levels first, and a low dose AI will boost your test significantly while reducing the estrogen to low normal, estrogen is more detrimental to the hairline than DHT in most people so this should be what you are looking for regardless.

Using an AI and a moderate test dosage is unlikely to cause massive shedding, and if you really have concerns you can always go on a low dose tren only cycle combined with an oral for type II activity, tbol being the obvious choice as it can not convert to estrogen and is not DHT based, tren can not be 5alpha reduced and can not convert to estrogen, now it is very androgenic, on paper but practical experience seems to state its easier on the hair line than the DHT resulting from a general usage test cycle.