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Unique Need for Oral Only Cycle

Basically what the title says. To preface before anyone wants to get all feisty about oral steroids being ass, I have pinned in the past with Test and am familar with injectables and know they are far superior. HOWEVER, I’m in a unique situation where I need to be off my TRT script for roughly 9-12 months while I’m at “training” and cannot pin so I’m looking to use orals as they are more discrete.

Main goals:

  • Mass Gain (This is the whole purpose)
  • Indifferent toward massive strength gain
  • Mainly aesthetic
  • Preferably KEEPING gains post cycle
  • Moderate shutdown of Test clarification on PCT cycle (Nolvadex, Clomid, hcg, or all!)

Cycles I have been looking at: 6-8 week cycle

  • WILL be running NAC 2g and Vitamin C 5g daily as liver protectants
  1. Dbol 40mg and Anavar 60mg
  2. Tbol 40mg and Anavar 60mg (Less Wet)
  3. Dbol 40mg and Primobolan Oral (Have no idea on dosage orally yet only familiar with injection)
  4. Dbol 40mg and Winny
  5. Anadrol and Dbol (This might be liver suicide gotta double check this one)
  6. Not roids but be lame and do a SARM like Mk-677

I am very familar with most injectibles and would rather do Tren with Test for bulk but the situation does not allow. Looking for constructive and factual information as orals are a different side I am less experienced with. Thanks guys appreciate any input.

I think the main issue is the 9-12 months off TRT. Jumping on orals (which you really aren’t supposed to be running for more than a couple months at a time) with no natural testosterone when you get off because you’ve been on TRT (for I’m guessing a while) is going to likely mean not keeping much of what you gain. It’s definitely not an ideal situation if the whole reason you’re doing it is to look better after the cycle (as you stated). I’m sure if you are very disciplined with your diet and mindset during PCT you can make the best out of the situation which is your only option.

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Ok thanks for the input, I’m young so my test levels are fine just did test for mass gain roughly around a year and then cycled off. Did lose mass after cycling off will I be able to keep any gainz with dbol and such? My concern is I’d just waste money for gainz that don’t last after post cycle even with proper PCT and diet.

If you did Test for a year your Test levels are going to take some time to go back to normal if they do.

Just a thought but can you access something with a longer ester, take a giant shot, that last for maybe the first 3-4 months of your ‘training’, then you do your oral only for 3-4 months? Certainly healthier than 9 months of orals

That’s an interesting idea it ultimately seems I’ll have to be natty for that time and just maintain, then hop back on.

maybe look into ando gel for trt vs injecting if for whatever reason you cant do TRT.

Thing is, youll have a hard time keeping anything from an oral cycle. if you think you lost some coming off test. Just think, you are crushing yout test through the cycle, with nothing to help come out of it on, youll have to PCT just the same with orals, but will feel like shit…

I am only lurking here(planning to do cycle etc… but not soon with this covid shit in my country) so I am ready to get roasted.
But as I see it if you do not want/need to come of test and can use only orals https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/7928661/
This could be solution. Oral test undecanoate, it shouldnt be liver toxic as it is absorbed via lymphatic system. As to dosage and availabiliy etc I have no clue.