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Unique Homebrew Question


Okay, so let's say somebody had access to everything needed for converting powder into a usable form. He has all of the lab equipment on hand, a great, cheap powder source, and the information to get the job done. The only one problem is, he doesn't have a conventional oven!

In this hypothetical situation, he has on hand a microwave and a gas range. What changes should he make in order to brew up a good batch of test? What would you do if you were in this situation? And let's say that buying an oven is not an option (it is, actually, but I'd like to hear how McGuyver would do the job first).

I look forward to your replies.


Get a toaster oven you ghetto mofo!, lol


Well, you need to heat things up. And you can't just toss the beaker on the gas range I figure. So what about using a pot with an inch or two of water in it on the gas range. Sit your beaker in the water so that it gets hot but it's not directly exposed to the heat. For keeping temperature, just buy one of those cooking thermometers(or a lab one) and just sterilize it. Then you can keep track of the temp of the powder/oil....

Or buy one of those translucent glass pots. Sterilize and cook like soup, using the same thermometer idea.

Now, to truly McGuyver it, you would need a swiss army knife, a pack of bubble gum, an old pop bottle, and the noon day sun....but I digress....


But how am I supposed to fit a bigass beaker in a toaster oven?


Hmm, I've heard something like this before and it is probably what I will end up doing. Somebody said something about keeping the water out of the beaker being a problem with this method. I wish there were pictures or a video of how to do this. Anyway great post, MrZsasz, you're getting my brain working.


Heating things in oil rather than water may be a better idea cause you wont get it boiling and splashing around into the beaker. I always do this when I'm boiling the BA off stealth.



Well you can tell I've never done this before... :slightly_smiling:


Heeeyyy. Nice idea. Thanks, crashball!


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How about a bunsen burner? You could hook it up to your gas range, and do all your brewing in the beaker.



I think I would opt for a small counter top oven, or toaster oven. This is keeping with the KISS principle, and you won't even need the beaker. The largest batch I cooked up was 50ml, and the one-cup glass measuring cup I used could have easily accomodated much more brew, if needed, and fits with ease in a counter top oven or toaster oven. I know you're overseas, but I can't imagine a temperature controlled toaster oven could be all that expensive. And if you need a measuring cup to fit, I'll send you one.


I'm with the Bush Man on this one.... the hotplate stirrer is your best bet Cortes.



I'm assuming you're either not necessarily talking about sterility, or would rather not push things through a .22um filter.


No, I am certainly concerned with sterility. However, in Japan there are pretty much no conventional ovens, I guess space is the issue. I just want to find the best balance between safety and ease without resorting to buying an oven which will run me an extra $300. If I have to I will, but I wanted to see what I could get away with, first.


You guys are the source for terrific advice. Thanks to everyone. I'm glad there are so many options available to me. I'll be asking more questions in the future after I research some of these options.


Bump time.

Okay. So some guys on another board say no heat is necessary. BA and a .20 Whatman are all that is apparently needed. I think this is what you were alluding to, Contrl, right? How do you guys feel about this? It feels too simple to me.


Given my knowledge is very limited, it would seem that heat isn't necessary, if you don't want to be thorough, which you do not strike me as being. The heat will do two things, as far as I can tell.

1) Ease in mixing, so all ingredients are thoroughly combined.

2) Kill what bacteria the filters don't catch.

Like much of the steroid info we get, the info is conflicting. I can tell you that with the method outlined in Home Brewing, I have had zero sterility issues thus far. And with so many threads indicating something going wrong with injections, I don't think I'd dream of skipping any steps that deal with sterility.


Coincidentally I'm reading your excellent Home Brewing thread right now, 5.0. Thanks for the explanation. You're right, I want to be thorough and I will work on a heat source. I'm in no hurry, so I have plenty of time to work all of this out here and on paper before I undertake it. I'm sure I'll figure out a way.

If my powder source is what I hope it to be I will have hit the jackpot, because the guy appears to have just about everything and prices for what I want are terrific. Especially if I purchase in bulk. Imagine buying a kilogram of test powder. I'm not saying I'm going to, but the price does happen to be right...


Color me green.

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