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Union Worker Fired for Wearing a Bush Sweatshirt



I say it is encroachment of free speech, what do you all think?



"The stage hand was identified as Duane Hammond and a distraught Hammet can be seen during his interview very distraught as his support for his son and his service becoming the center piece to his firing."

Journalism fail. lol


lol Dave, my brain just got so confused reading that.


Union goons were sent to this guy's house soon after he was let go, to make sure that the story didn't get out. How fucking pathetic that he can't show support for his son, because President Traffic Jam decided to show up.


They were just delivering hie severence package. (sarcasim) I am sure if the ship was named after a former Democratic pres nothing would have been said.


I've really got to say something to Super-T (snigger). If you insist on posting links to rubbish stories, how about actually prefacing it with some of your own thoughts, opinions, ideas, suggestions as to what you hope to be debated in the thread etc... - anything for fucks sake. I don't think anything will actually salvage your train wreck threads but this may actually be a step in the right direction.

Your're welcome.


Who uses the word rubbish? Look, if you think that the story is not significant then you are a moron. The union fired a man because he was wearing a shirt with Bush on it and you think it is rubbish. You may not like freedon of speech, but I do, and I am sure most Americans do also. You probaly think NPR was right to fire Juan Williams too.


Are you a moron? He said preface with YOUR OWN THOUGHTS, OPINIONS, IDEAS AND SUGGESTIONS. All you have done is post a link.

Congratulations, you are now as qualified to use the internet as my 4 year old niece.


What are you his Dad? let him answer for his self. I just wanted to bring this to everyones attention, and let the debate go where ever, but like always with GCF, since he does not agree it is a big deal he tries his best to insult. Instead of acting like a jackass why dont you two actually discuss something relevant to the topic.


So basically, you are too stupid to start a discussion, all you can do is post a link.

Got it.

EDIT: The one liner you added afterward made me lol. At least you seem to be capable of learning.


The first I heard of this story was here. Whats wrong with posting up a news story for discussion. We all know Super enough to know what HIS thoughts of the story are. I fail to see how this criticism is constructive? I actually agree with him here, GCF seems to not think the story is "topic worthy" so he is taking some lame ass cheap shots at the poster instead of giving his input on the story.

As for my opinion of the story. People are out of their fucking minds. If he was employed by the DNC, I could see not allowing political messages that go against the party. This wasn't a political message and this isn't the DNC.



Not too stupid, I just thought people on here would be smart enough to know I just wanted there response to the story, but I forgot there were a few who need guidence on everything including when to piss.


But you didn't want a response, you wanted to have a circle jerk with your right wing buddies and have some ideas handed to you on a platter.


if I'm required to wore a necktie at my job, is it an "encroachment of free speech" ?


Wtf is your problem Mak? You are a New Zealand citizen telling a US citizen he is a moron for commenting on US free speech and expression issues. Give me a fucking break!

This firing is a direct piece of evidence that unions are the progressive party, and that any support outside of that movement is NOT TOLERATED. Even if your own son is servicing on the very SHIP the sweater represents. The very ship that protects jackasses in their hatred of Bush. Not only do they show their intolerance toward this guy and Juan Williams, but they also piss on the US military at every corner....but I don't have to explain this because you are just a sand pounding jerk-off who supports bending over for the mighty government.

If you like to grab your ankles for authority, fine, but stay the fuck out of demeaning someone who is obviously a patriot concerned about US erosion of free speech and individual expression.


Except he didn't. When this thread was made, the original post simply had a link. No commentary, no discussion starters, just a link.

Pretty weak.


Well, the story to me is pretty huge and needed no comment to get the point. I agree I can get the same just by cruising the news captions on MSNBC. I like to express my POV in posts, and in this case there was no true argument against so you had to drop to that criticism. A Union worker was fired for wearing a US Military sweater while setting up the Obama Rally, paid for by my tax dollars! How many old vets do we need to fire for wearing their respective hats of the units/ship they served on? In this case it was Bush SR's Battleship, and it was used to display the Union Political stance again.

I am not sure if it is ok to wear military garb to work by Union Law, but I do know any vet or parents of serving our country should never have that pride muzzled.

This is the true issue. Pride in service is now a crime in many progressive eyes, and here is one time it was politicized for the sake of an OBAMA traffic jam.

Again, we see the controlled, one way "Fairness" the left truly represents.


Of course not, but if you are a stage hand who can wear jeans and a sweatshirt, but get told to turn it inside out or take it off because it says USS George Bush it is.


I have my own ideas, so no I do not want any handed to me. I posted the story and wanted to know what others thought. Like I said most do not need me to give them step by step instructions. Being from New Zeland maybe you are used to being told what to do, but in the good ol USA we still think for ourselves. Like has been pointed out everyone knows what I would think. Who am I to guide the discussion. If you think the story is not a big deal why didn't you just say that and express why you thought so? Instead you have to start your usual mocking and insults. I have thick skin though, so if that is all you can do because you have no intellegent thought on the topic I can handle it.