Unintentional Sky High Test Levels

Okay, so for starters, I am on TRT. 50 mg week dosage for the last two years. I ran a tren ace cycle a while back with enough time before my late August annual Endo appointment. I ran 75 mg Tren Ace and 25 mg Test Cyp per day for eight weeks. I went right back to regular TRT dosage at the end of the cycle. I also run HCG 100 units per week with my TRT. That has been sufficient enough that my swimmers are still off the charts.

Now, the problem. It has been almost six weeks since I ended my Tren cycle. I had bloods done to check where I was before my upcoming Endo appointment. Total test came back at 1650 (range 250-950), Free Test was 87 (range 12-19). All other bloodwork was great and perfectly where it should be. My question is, how is my test that high running only 50 mg per week for the last six weeks? Any suggestions for how to get it back down? I skipped doses last week, because I thought I may come in high and wanted to get another round of bloods done with not test cyp in my system. I will have the results of that in about 4 days, but I’m expecting it will still be way higher than where my doc wants. He’s an old dude who doesn’t understand TRT and thinks I should be 500-600 MAX.

Help! WTF is going on here?

Man… if all this info is correct, you should be nowhere NEAR 1650. Your TRT dose is actually only 50mg/week? That’s really low, even by TRT standards. I don’t know anyone on TRT who doses it that low, so it’s very surprising that such a low dose would lead to such a high number. Are you absolutely positive you’re only taking 50mg/week?

As a side note, I’ve never, ever heard of anyone dosing test cyp daily. That’s weird and unnecessary. Your thread overall makes little sense.

Sorry, yes, it is 100 mg per week. I take 50 mg twice per week. 100 is still a low dose, from what I’ve seen. Most people get 150/week, I believe.

100 is on the low end, but it’s much more reasonable.

So here’s what I get from this… at 100, rather than 50, per week, 1650 isn’t outside the range of possibilities. It’s very high, and unexpected, but I can believe it. If I were you, I would take this as a good thing. The fact that your body is utilizing the exogenous test so well would be a positive in my book. As for how you deal with your doctor, you may want to skip a pin or 2 before seeing him, just to ensure that your levels are low enough that he doesn’t alter your prescription.

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I haven’t pinned since last week Monday, so eight days now. When I picked up my results this morning and saw what they were, I had blood drawn again. Hopefully eight days was enough to get it reasonable. My doctor says I can never come off test now, but he will reduce my dosage, which I don’t want. I will update when I get the new bloods back at the end of the week. Thanks!

Pinned AM on Monday, bloods at nine AM on Tuesday. No hcg either of those days though.

Yeah, thinking about this from a normal cycle perspective with a PCT…it takes a couple weeks for test levels to drop all the way after your last pin of cyp or e, so I can imagine it would take much longer than two weeks to fall back to normal when you’re still pinning 100mg/wk. At six weeks out I’m not surprised at all it was still somewhat elevated to be honest.

OP I think you’re doing the right thing by skipping pinning for a week to let it fall quicker.