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Unintentional Comedy

Ok, the Gurkha Kukri actually looks like a bad ass knife, but does this dude really advocate taking a knife to a gun fite? Thats funny.

i love that they have an entire homepage menu category devoted to tomahawks

Mjollnir trumps all!

[quote]wukey wrote:
Flop Hat wrote:
B rocK wrote:
Owning both the cold steel war hammer and many regular hammers, I can assure you that they are not at all alike, other than having the word “hammer” in their name.

BTW do you get much chance to use it?

like for smashing skinned cows heads and alike[/quote]

No, I’ve never smashed a skinned cows head. I carry it with me on patrols. For some reason there are people out there who aren’t scared of getting a weapon pointed at them, but will settle down when you pull out a war hammer, tomahawk, or machete. I’ve never had to hit someone with it, but I’ve hit stuff with it to make noise.

I guess it’s the same principle as when chimps shout and sling tree branches around.

OK…now for some more unintentional comedy.

RED DAWN. Have we all seen this movie?

For those that haven’t, a brief plot summary. The Russians and Cubans team up and decide to attack the US. Instead of attacking strategic points like power stations or shipping lines, they opt to parachute into Buttfuck, Colorado and shoot up high schools with bazookas for some inexplicable reason (all while wearing snow camo, despite it being September). A rag tag group of patriotic high school kids, lead by quarterback Patrick Swayze, manage to defeat the combined Cuban/Russian armies through a series of fake-outs and traps.

Some highlights

I LOVE Red Dawn.