Unintended Tyrosine Trip

I have been using tyrosine on and off for a while. Usually after I do something that depletes dopamine (which, is not very often, if at all anymore). And I have also taken it at as a pre workout.

The past few days I have been taking about 1-2 grams on an empty stomach. Last night, I followed suit, but I took it at maybe 7pm?

I felt like I was on speed for hours. I couldn’t sleep. I went to take a piss and looked in the mirror, pupils BLOWN.

My mind was racing, I was anxious. It wasn’t really “fun” but maybe there is some potential there for recreation, not sure.

I was mostly upset because I needed to go to sleep.

I would compare it to amphetamine without the euphoria.

Anyone else experience this? I have never experienced anything even close. So I was very confused at first.

I’ve not experienced it as intensely as that. I do get a faster heart rate from Tyrosine.

Like you described there, I don’t get euphoria from Tyrosine… actually I just feel ‘normal’ from Tyrosine.

I’ve been using a lot of Tyrosine for a month now, up to 5 grams twice per day - to support zero caffeine & stopping 2 antidepressants including the SNRI venlafaxine.

Do you normally stay away from psychoactive drugs like caffeine, speed, cocaine? Sounds like you’re re-sensitised to stimulants at the mo

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Caffeine recently with a preworkout for about the past 20 days, (which also has tyrosine in it).

I use to use those in the past. Very rarely anymore, but sometimes.

I have taken tyrosine quite a bit, for recharge AFTER stims. Never experienced this before. Maybe im at my dopamine potential?

Would tyrosine re-sensitize me so caffeine also?

It sounds like lately you’ve given your body more of what it needs to produce the natural neurotransmitters it requires.

Then the artificial substance caffeine has pushed you over the edge.

From what I’ve read so far, your experience suggests yeah you’d got closer to your dopamine potential & didn’t need the caffeine or perhaps anymore Tyrosine.

That’s my understanding from reading End Your Addictions Now & how nutraceuticals work.

I’d recommend reading that book, it’s got some very cool stuff in it.

I think lots of people seek out artificial substances like caffeine to try & fix what is a nutritional & hormonal deficiency.

Once you improve your neurotransmitters & hormones through sustainable means (nutrition), things like caffeine are no longer necessary & can be used very rarely instead of habitually.

Also if you’ve an addictive personality like I do, the problem is the addictive personality & can’t be fixed through nutrition, but nutrition can improve your chances. In my case I have to completely stay away from caffeine.

I’d defo the book & see what you understand from it. At the least it’s pretty interesting :+1:t2:

Thanks for the replies.

I’m definitely following what your saying. Cutting out the pre workout for now.

Also the last 2 days after I had the “trip” I have woken up with high cortisol feeling.

Increased HR, nervousness, anxiety, for about hour or 2 after waking.