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Uninformed Gymgoers!


Well I had a near death experience at the gym today do to a fucking retarded ass newbie. On my 3rd set of front squats this retard comes in with those step-up things (plastic) for aerobics. He sets then in the squat rack positioned near mine. He loads 355 on the bar and puts the pins about two inches lower than his shoulders. He proceeds to unrack the weight and not move an inch (up or down, back or forth) and count to ten. After my fourth set is over I head over to calf raises (about 8 feet).

The second I turn around I see this retard waddling with the weight out of the rack, and low and behold only one side is collared. He loses control and leans to the right and 3 45's and a 25 come tumbling off the right side. The bar flips over at tremendous speed and smacks the bar in the squat rack I had been using. If I was in the middle of my set, WHAM right on top of my head. I FUCKING HATE UNIFORMED LIFTERS. Fuck this guy and the retards who produced him.


Wow...I think you just scared me away from actually joining a gym after all these years...my basement looks better and better.


Holy shit!! PLEASE tell me you threw his ass out of the gym. How much damage was done and what did the gym management do? I gotta know what happened after the incident.

I can't believe that shit happened. My head is steaming right now. Damn dude. I'm glad you're committed to good calf development!!!!!


take him to the parking lot & beat his ass...


Actually, and it's frightening to think so, you may be wrong. He might not be a newbie. This world is populated with morons, so don't blame it on him being a newbie. That's what ass-kicking is for: educating the careless and the senseless in a brutally enjoyable way :slightly_smiling:

I've seen just as worse, and we could start a 'most moronic things happening in a gym' pretty easily from stories like that. Here's a classic: (I wish I had photos) this guy loads the leg press and not only does he NOT remove the safety from doing 1/4 rep, it actually look more like his legs are twitching than any knee flexion. He's "Mr.Super strong who knows better than to listen to people and move through at least a semblance of acceptable ROM" I wish I could describe in a satisfactory way his 'full-body biceps curls' on the machine.
NOW that's a moron. Less dangerous, and funnier, but another one who still can't blame the newbie thing.


That reminds me of the time I screwed up my lower back doing squats.

This moron was working in with me. While I has been away getting a drink of water, this tool had put the support bars of the power rack down to the second rung of the rack, about MAYBE 12-18 inches from the floor. Ok, here's how it went down. I was about 18 years old at the time, doing a near max set of 225. So I do the first rep fine, the second, and then come to the third. This is where he "spots" me. I had been working out, maybe 6 months, and everyone that ever spotted me on squats lifted on my mid back below my arm pits.

This guy PUSHES on my lower back "to keep my back straight". It takes me totally by surprise, causes me to lose control and squat down all the way to hyper extend my knees. And I'm STILL a at least 6-10 inches above the bar. So this guy was too weak to just deadlift the 225 off me, so I have to throw the weight back into the rack, this PAINFULLY pinching my lower back. I could not WALK when I got home. I could barely move for days. I probably should have gone to the ER, but no insurance, etc. I still have some nagging issues with my lower back to this day. I'm pretty sure that I herniated a disk, but I guess I recovered as well as can be expected. And I've since had chiropractic treatment, so that helps.

To this day I want to bitch slap that idiot. Has ANYONE heard of pushing on the lower back as a spotting method?


THAT is frightening. Especially considering my gym is full of numbnuts like that.


Me too! Why should people dress alike in the gym?


In the future, may I suggest giving having a quick briefing with any of your spotters to make sure you are both ont he same sheet of music.


This is why I never let anyone who I don't know spot me on squats. Unfortunately I often have to take spots on bench exercises, sometimes when I ask them they don't try to lift the bar with me.


Come on, you can't tell when someone's feeling you up?!?! J/K

When next he spots you (if ever!!) just drop the bar off your shoulders as soon as he puts his hands on your lower back. That should straighten his spotting technique instantly.


Well, I WAS 18, that was over 11 years ago.

Now I work out alone. There are too many idiots around to risk having a training partner.


I work out at a university gym, lots of newbies.

I asked some young guys benching next to my head to put on some collars, very politely (collars are the rule and its usually enforced which is good for newbies I think) They looked at me I went through another set.

They hadnt put the collars on, this time I was a bit more aggresive but still polite and they did it. Funny thing is I felt like a jerk. Same as when this kid walks ( its hard to describe) between me, the squat rack and the wall to get a bar in the corner, his head passes inches from the end of the moving bar.

I figured he is young, new to the gym so I very politly told him not to take a chance like that. He could have bumbed me and if I lost control of the weight it could have injured him.

I actually was concerned about his safety as well as my own. He looks at me and with serious attitutde tells me whatever buddy I was fine.

So I told him forget it and that if he ever comes near me again I was gonna knock his ass out. I was just pissed and not trying to be a dick, and again felt bad.

Man when I think of how badly you could have been injured it pisses me off. You could have been killed or worse! Fuck man. Glad your ok.


Follow Up: Every ignorant douschebag in the gym ran up to this guy and asked him if he was ok. I proceeded to say who gives a fuck if he was ok, what if he had killed someone. I told him that retards like him should stick to the smith machine or get the fuck out of the gym. He left. Gym management? I wish. This is a military gym so 16 year old kids check ID's to make sure you are "allowed" in.

Doogie: that was the worst part about it. He was dressed just like everyone else. Man was that annoying! (sarcasm)


haha i thought i was the only one who picked up on that.

lest awl hayte on spoopid idi-yots in duh jim


I got one for ya. This dude's at LA FITNESS in California, he's around from me screaming and making noises while doing dumbbell curls, I thought homeboy was curling a pair of 100's or something, I looked to see Mother Father had a F-N pair of 20's
What a Super bitch
F-N pussy


That's pretty F-N funny. The Mother Fathering girls I'm training right now use more than 20's. With good F-N form, I might add.

Maybe I should get them to holler during their sets? After all, we're not there to actually train... it's all about looking cool, right? :slight_smile:


If you guys want some great "Losers in the gym stories" go to elitefts.com and click on the "Sick of Your Gym" link. I spent a good 30 minutes the other day laughing my ass off and shaking my head reading some of these.


thats why I use collars even on my warmup sets. I dont want to be that guy.


Actually, my lifting partner and I spot on Squats by putting our hands against the base of the other's spine and bracing them. We don't "push" the person forward, we brace them so they can can squat by "sitting back" and get back upright without having to lean forward and risking potentially turning the Squat into a GM. Seriously, it helps you keep your torso upright and shoulders up, rather than having to lean forward.

But then, we are prepared for this. If someone else asked me to spot him on Squats, I'd ask him how he'd prefer it. Most people I see Squat lean their heads far forward, winding up with their bar forward of their knees; a PUSH on the lower back in that position would pitch them headfirst onto the floor, and I'd expect them to be damn pissed at the spotter.

For what it's worth....