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Unimpressive T-Cell Alpha, My Results


Just out of curiosity, how did so many lame people end up posting in what was supposed to be an exclusive club made up only of badasses? Now I haven't posted anything in a long time, but I still read around the site a lot, and I just think it's kind of weird that people seem to be so high on some pretty unimpressive people. Admittedly, I have made some of the same dumb mistakes these people getting "called out" have, but it's still weird to see people that seem to me to be less impressive than me among people that I actually am impressed with.

Might as well turn this into a personal update too. Started last school year at a chubby 205, spent almost all of the fall semester dicking around, made virtually no progress, then started to cut down around Christmas, did a shitty job with that, but managed to get down to around 185-190, pretty happy with what I saw, and then started bulking again a few months ago, I'm around 197 now.

I'm very unhappy with the time I wasted, but I've had no trouble getting back into the swing of things, and now that I'm back to being serious I have no intentions of slipping again any time soon. The current plan is to bulk late November-early December, and then cut down for spring rugby, so I can be in the best playing shape possible, and then start bulking again once the season ends.

And yeah I'm not a huge fan of the picture but it's the only "before" picture I have of my legs, so there ya go.


And that's a picture taken about a week ago. The first one was from February of 2007, so that's what I've managed to accomplish in about 2.5 years. Again, I'm not happy with the time I wasted, because I could obviously be well beyond where I am now, but it's a start.


I think the cell was a good idea but they just ran out of things to talk about as you do with a limited number of people. They tried to put some fresh blood in there of possible up and comers but it failed. One kid put on no weight at all and the other kid went fat yes you put on weight etc but yea really he got fat. But did a decent job from where he was and he is only young and I am sure he will become one of the bigger t nation readers, he has alot of drive and seems confident enough not to care what others think which i admire.

Apart from that ive learnt alot from the cell as a reader but you can tell some of the people have no idea some of the posters are rather tiny.


Is your focus on playing rugby or bodybuilding? Cause I think its pretty cheap for you to be teeing off on people who are focusing on bodybuilding when you seem to have more sporting interests that require a different approach.


I would rather read a T-cell with useful topics and posts 5 times over then have to swift through a bunch of bullshit to find a decent thread or some guy that actually knows what he is talking about.

seems like everyone with more then 500 posts is worthy of posting in the cell.


lol not the recent stuff its more like a bunch of middle age men trying to pick up 15 year olds


Are you jealous they aren't hitting on you?



some of the people here act like its the bodybuilders stonemasons or something. its arguably the most laughable forum on the whole site. at the risk of an endless amount of Forum Thugs jumping on my back lets delve a little deeper:

  • we have a couple of guys who sound like THEY DO NOT EVEN TRAIN! shouldnt that be one of the criteria? that you have to go to the gym at least once a month but if you got like shit to do then maybe every 6 weeks?

-there are two REGULAR guys who post who are not well developed, they are just fat. Sky Nett claims to be "bulking" and has been for about 20 years and just looks like a total slob. thats not even being insulting, he really does just look like a slob. Jehovasfitness probably spends $2000 dollars on supplements a month and doesnt look like he trains. i get the impression he is waiting for Biotest to release a $1000 bottle of "TRAINING JUICE" which he can drink so as to avoid even having to step foot into a gym. he is obsessed with every supplement out there and seems to have zero idea what he is doing.

-Artem is a clueless child who has made himself grossly obese. someone who has gained such a ridiculous amount of fat in a single year it is almost not believable. yet he is praised like it was some kind of small mistake. as if you can accidently wake up one morning 100lbs overweight. people seem unaware of just how much one hundred pounds is. he didnt gain a little extra chub. he gained SEVENTY TO EIGHTY POUNDS OF PURE FAT in a very very small time frame. in all seriousness how is that possible? what the fuck was in all that milk he drank?

-by far the biggest moron is mattheus. according to his own fucking profile he has only trained FOR A SINGLE MONTH! lol WTF? how can he possibly be in there? whoever invited him should be kicked out alongside him. Mattheus has made a diet thread in which the first meal is protein AND ICECREAM. i mean seriously, its like a parody of bodybuilding where people dont want to gain muscle they want to gain lard.

-there are other guys who are total idiots as well.

now for all you Forum Thugs who are going to flame me and call me out and all your other e-thug BS, yes i have put my flame suit on and yes i am wearing a gumshield. every single thing in this post is 100% true and im willing to defend it. i also accept that the general level of reading comprehension here is that of a pre- school child so no doubt il have to explain the couple of threads i have made for the millionth time as well.


I admit I had a huge WTF moment when I saw that thread.


Why hold back? Keep letting rip then, it's not like you know any of these people. Who are the other total idiots?

I am curious though. You are always complaining about, well, everything, so why don't you just go to a site that is more in line with your level of comprehension, intellect, and education? Obviously the idiots here just don't understand or appreciate you.


Easy there while i do agree that i haven't been training very long and if results and experience dictate who belongs there then you are right i certainly don't qualify.

I think the reason Prof x invited me was because the cell needs more new blood in it who are willing to make positive changes and I am sure he will call me and my friend on it when the time comes.

Now about my diet if you read the entire thread you would see that even though my diet needs alot more tweaking to be considered optimal it is in a transitioning phase and i am going to ease into it and tighten it up as i start to see results. I am not trying to gain lard quite the opposite i actually realize i need to drop weight to unveil the muscle that i am building.

I don't think calling me a moron was needed either, i already know that diet is not gonna take me to where i want to be in terms of body fat but it is the first step of many in the right direction. I'm not one of those guys who is going to bulk until I'm 250 lbs when i have a 40 inch waist so at least i know what needs to be done]. It's just not gonna happen overnight know what i mean? Can you honestly say when you first picked up a weight that your diet was already perfect?


BTW (Stringer), since we're delving deeper, what was your previous username that everyone thinks you had?

For someone with less posts with me it seems obvious that you are more familiar with everyone here than I am, so I'm curious?

And if so, why the username change?

Is it true that you are the person who got called out/taken on, or whatever in some thread on DOGGRAPP by Dante himself?


you are correct, why should i hold back?

i am not always complaing about everything i could name at least 10 posters right now who are brilliant members of this site. just because i dont follow them around telling them i love them doesnt mean i dont think they have an excellent amount of knowledge.

i dont care about being appreciated lol. this is an anonymous internet forum not real life.


Ok then, so why don't you give us a list of the people who in your opinion we should, and shouldn't pay attention to on this forum (BB)?


all of the answers to your questions are "no" i have never been to the "doggpound" never mind kicked out of it. just because i am able to pick up the who's and why's of this site quicker than you doesnt make me some mysterious bin laden figure typing on a typewriter in a cave somewhere.


this is unnecessary. someone with a brain should be able to comfortably differentiate between who is talking sense and who is not.


Unfortunately you didn't seem to comprehend my question. The thread in question was based on the article that was published on this site. Apparently someone, who other people here believed was you, took issue with Doggcrapp training and was dealt with by Dante.

My question was based on what many here have suspected of you, in contrast to my opinion of you which is quite different.


This site is starting to turn into The View.


sometimes i youtube clips of The View


oh sorry man, you are correct i thought you meant a site and not a thread. no, i was not arguing with dante about anything. i do not actually pointlessly argue. he is one of the most knowledgeable people in the world regarding training and i would not troll his posts, i would shut my mouth and listen.