Unilateral Rhomboid Exercise

Anybody know of a good rhomboid (or lower trap) exercise that I can do with just one arm at a time? I’m wondering if I can use the cables for this, like Voyer Shrug style, but hoping there are other exercises out there besides the Voyer Shrug and Ys, Ts, Ws, and Ls. Thanks for your help!

One-arm bent over lateral raise, cable or DBs.

One-arm bent over trap raise, cable or DB’s.

One-arm, chest supported DB shrug

One-arm, chest supported DB fly

One-arm scapula retraction on a cable row

Where could I find illustrations of those exercises? Ssorry to be a moron.

pic attached is bent over lateral raise.

trap raise is the “Y” in the Y T W L’s. You can do it bent over like in the attached picture.

chest supported DB shrug, it is what it is. Lie face down on an inclined bench, grab a DB, and shrug.

chest supported DB fly, would be like the attached picture, but face down on an inclined bench.

scapula retraction, hold the handle of a cable row, retract your scapula.

face pulls

leaning shrugs.

Put your feet side by side next to the dip machine, grab it with one arm and lean out as far as possible. The hand that’s not holding the dip machine (or whatever you can grab onto) will be holding a heavy dumbbell. Do a one armed shrug. Rinse and repeat.

lean away shrugs

I would say the bend over laterals but a shrug/squeeze instead of a raise.

Lay on the incline bench supporting on chest, pick up dumbells and focus on scapular retraction movement.

Also you can use horisontal row on incline bench but rowing to chest area with elbows inside (not outside flared for rear delt).

[quote]TheFlamingo wrote:
lean away shrugs[/quote]

Uhh, for rhomboids…?